WESH 2 Investigates: Hyundai Kia Lawsuit Settlement Affects 3.1 Million Vehicles – WESH 2 Orlando | CarTailz

A federal lawsuit has led to a settlement whereby Korean automakers Kia and Hyundai will provide compensation or extended warranties for 3.1 million vehicles that are or have been at risk of fire. Owners should begin receiving instructional and important information related to their vehicles in three months. These vehicles have anti-lock braking system modules … Read more

How Shamlal’s Vehicle Repair Skills Saved Him From Amin’s Expulsion – Monitor | CarTailz

“As a young child, I knew something was wrong. The mildly garish turned to the gruesome as the daily reports of cannibalism, rape and murder were dissected by adults in hushed tones. The problems didn’t come overnight. The great shame is that the Asian community has not responded. We didn’t see the injustice in having … Read more

A Denver homeless man known as the keeper of East Colfax has nothing. But he still creates a Thanksgiving celebration to share. – The Colorado sun | CarTailz

Last Thanksgiving, Tony Jones scraped together more than $100 worth of meal tickets to buy three turkeys, mountains of mashed potatoes and gravy, and macaroni and cheese from King Soopers. It was a fitting and somewhat lavish meal for a man living on the streets of downtown Denver — one he shared with about 80 … Read more

3 ways sensor data is changing the auto industry – Automotive World | CarTailz

Car companies today are software companies where data is the currency of the empire. By Marc Huijbregts By 2030, almost 95% of new vehicles sold worldwide will be connected, sharing internet access and data with other devices inside and outside the vehicle. In the near future, the volume of data being transferred between these connected … Read more

EVs are no silver bullet for California’s clean energy future – OCRegister | CarTailz

For California to achieve a clean energy future, we need to rethink our transportation solutions. Electric vehicles alone are not the answer. On Aug. 25, the Golden State proposed a sales ban on new gasoline-powered cars and light trucks, to be implemented by 2035. California’s transportation sector is responsible for about half of the state’s … Read more