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Driving is an essential activity for 238 million licensed drivers in The United States; Together, Mobil 1 and Hagerty will make every mile more meaningful

TRAVERSE CITY, Mich., November 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In the overplanned, overprogrammed races of everyday life, cars are often thought of as machines used for commuting – the thing that gets us from one place to another. As cars keep nearly a quarter billion Americans on the road, world-leading synthetic motor oil and iconic motorsport brand Mobil 1™ and automotive lifestyle brand Hagerty™ are committed to cultivating and celebrating a more meaningful car culture—the sheer joy of driving brings and builds a community of driving enthusiasts. To further that purpose, the two brands today formalized their alliance in a multi-year collaboration to serve riders everywhere.

“Hagerty aims to save driving and car culture. Mobil 1 is on a mission to spread the love of driving,” he said Scott Howard, Director, Finished Lubricants for North America at ExxonMobil. “Whether it’s modern European racing cars, classic American designs, the Rocket League’s virtual Octane car, or innovative creations like the Hoonipigasus, we’ve seen that the sheer driving pleasure, not necessarily what you drive, is what brings enthusiasts together and builds communities. Together, Mobil 1 and Hagerty will better serve, grow and inspire drivers everywhere.”

Together, Mobil 1 and Hagerty have nearly 90 years of experience protecting automobiles, developing innovative technologies, building industry relationships and building communities of passionate drivers around the world. Together, both brands will be able to better serve their customers by taking automotive culture to new heights – on and off the road – with a focus on compelling content, community cultivation and purposeful vehicle care.

“We started out as an insurance company to protect the vehicles we all love,” he said Larry Webster, Senior Vice President of Media and Editorial, Hagerty. “But we have evolved into an automotive lifestyle brand because the passion of driving enthusiasts is so much bigger than the car itself. The builders, the stories, the assemblies and – yes – the cars, that’s why more than 750,000 drivers are part of Hagerty’s Driver’s Club. Empowering people who love cars of all kinds is what motivates Mobil 1 and Hagerty to work together to support driver communities.”

At the SEMA Show, the premier annual motor show in Las VegasMobil 1 and Hagerty announced their collaboration, formalizing how they plan to serve driving enthusiasts.

Creating compelling content

Hagerty brings a deep knowledge of car culture and a proven ability to engage with enthusiasts through quality content such as his existing YouTube video series, Capturing Car Culture and Hagerty DIY. Meanwhile, Mobil 1 provides access to the industry’s biggest drivers, cars and events as a fixture on the F1 circuit, NASCAR circuits and extreme motorsports events like the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. Together, the industry leaders will collaborate on behind-the-scenes exclusive content to further showcase the best cars, stories, products and most importantly, the people behind them, to entertain and inform the enthusiastic community across all channels including print, digital web, video and social media.

cultivate communities

Hagerty takes car culture seriously by attending, sponsoring and hosting more than 2,500 events each year and is committed to providing exhilarating driveways for car enthusiasts with its world-class vehicle storage and exclusive social club, Hagerty Garage + Social, which caters to car lovers with a home away from home Mobil 1 understands the importance of celebrating driving and showing their love for the sport in new ways, like through their esports and gaming collaborations with Rocket League and Gen.G. Together, the two brands will curate incredible experiences for current driving enthusiasts and create new opportunities to usher in a new community of drivers, wherever and however they drive.

Car care with meaning

Mobil 1 protects engines on the road and on the track, and Hagerty offers roadside assistance to more than 750,000 Drivers Club members, among other benefits – demonstrating both brands’ deep understanding of the need for regular vehicle maintenance. Consumers can expect exclusive product offerings through the partnership. Proper care of a car is vital and together Mobil 1 and Hagerty will continue to create efficiencies for drivers to increase safety, improve performance and educate vehicle owners and the industry. Ultimately, Mobil 1 and Hagerty’s expertise, technology and training will help drivers maintain their cars so they can get more out of the ride.

About mobile 1

Mobil 1, the world’s leading brand of synthetic motor oil, is a brand that has been trusted with more vehicle miles than any of us have seen in our lifetime. Mobil 1 advanced synthetic motor oil was developed to fuel our love of driving. This technology allows Mobil 1 Advanced Synthetic Motor Oil to meet or exceed the most stringent standards set by vehicle manufacturers and tuning shops, while providing exceptional protection against engine wear in normal or even some of the most extreme conditions. Not that you’d ever take your car to any extremes. Join us. For the love of driving.

About Hagerty, Inc. (NYSE:HGTY)

Based in Traverse City, Michigan, Hagerty’s goal is to preserve driving and car culture for future generations, and its mission is to build a global company to fund that cause. Hagerty is an automotive enthusiast brand offering integrated membership products and programs and a specialty insurance provider focused on the global automotive enthusiast market. Hagerty is home to Hagerty Marketplace, Broad Arrow Group, Hagerty Drivers Club, Hagerty Drivers Club magazine, Hagerty Drivers Foundation, Hagerty DriveShare, Hagerty Valuation Tools, Hagerty Media, MotorsportReg, Hagerty Garage + Social, The Amelia, Detroit Concours d’Elegance , the Greenwich Concours d’Elegance, the California Mille, Motorlux, the Broad Arrow Group and more. For more information about Hagerty, visit or connect with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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