Tempe’s Carvana Announces Second Wave of Layoffs – The Arizona Republic | CarTailz

Carvana Co., the once-high-flying online used-car seller known for its auto “vending machines,” announced late last week that it would lay off 1,500 employees, the second major layoff this year.

The Tempe-based company said Friday the layoffs would be focused on its corporate, technology and operations units. No further information was given.

The company shed nearly 20% of its workforce in 2022.

“All affected team members will have the opportunity to receive six weeks of salary plus an additional week for each year they have been with Carvana,” the company said in a regulatory filing. “Effected team members will also have the option to receive extended health insurance, receive an early vesting payment equal to certain previously granted stock awards, receive recruitment and resume assistance, and continue participation in certain other company programs.”

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