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Amid global supply chain disruptions, logistics providers around the world are ramping up activities to meet pent-up demand for materials and finished goods. It’s a fast-moving and competitive environment where operational efficiency is becoming more important than ever and the safety of sites, personnel and transported goods – from order to final delivery to the end customer – remains crucial.

When it comes to meeting demanding safety and efficiency targets, many logistics providers are looking to the latest digital technologies, including AI-driven smart video solutions, that make it faster and easier to track and track assets and goods throughout the supply chain pursue.

However, data from digital logistics management systems can be very complex and requires in-depth analysis and time-consuming reporting to uncover actionable insights.

One way to overcome this challenge and get a real-time, 360° view of logistics operations is to take advantage of new “visualization” solutions. These consolidate and present key logistical performance metrics and provide a clear view of operational status – in a single, intuitive dashboard interface.

The visualization advantage of Hikvision

Hikvision’s logistics solution provides operational data and insights logistics companies need to optimize efficiency and safety at every stage of the delivery value chain.

In particular, Hikvision solutions provide actionable insights into logistic park operations, helping operators to monitor vehicle access and traffic flow on internal roads, optimize dock utilization and planning, and effectively track goods and packages from receipt to dispatch.

Additionally, managers and teams can continue to monitor goods as they are shipped on trucks with real-time visibility of vehicle status and arrival times. With real-time insights, it also becomes possible to detect and respond to security incidents in real-time.

Visualization in the logistics park

With Hikvision’s Smart Logistics Park solution, companies can significantly improve security and efficiency at key hub locations. This is achieved through a wide range of features that streamline the flow of vehicles and goods through logistics parks, while effectively tracking goods and packages until they are shipped by vehicle to business locations or customer homes.

Operational data on different areas of the logistics park can be visualized using dashboards and reports in HikCentral Professional. This allows managers to understand throughput and performance based on a variety of KPIs ranging from driver wait times and dock and truck utilization to broader operational efficiency statistics.

With the ability to visualize performance metrics in the Hikvision Logistics Park solution, companies can:

  • Improve site security
    The system enables fence security around the clock. Internal storage areas, meanwhile, can be monitored to minimize the risk of lost goods and ensure only authorized individuals enter the site. Fire risks can also be minimized by using Hikvision thermal imaging cameras.
  • Optimize human resource management
    The system can help manage all employees not only for safety reasons, but also automate time and attendance management and, for example, verify that teams are using the necessary protective equipment such as hard hats.
  • Optimize vehicle management
    The system can monitor vehicle entry and exit, manage traffic on internal roads, quickly dispatch trucks to available docks, and dispatch vehicles quickly and accurately after loading. If required, getting in and out of cars can be automated with ANPR and Bluetooth technology.
  • Track goods and packages effectively
    Using intelligent video technologies linked to barcode systems, the system can inspect, measure and track pallets and packages from arrival at the site, through the picking and packing areas, to trucks for shipment. Hikvision’s solution is particularly useful in the dock, where damage or theft can occur, as it provides high definition video recording of activity in that area of ​​the premises.

Visualization for line haul operations

Hikvision’s line haul management solution provides logistics managers with timely, accurate and comprehensive status updates for their trucks with tools to optimally plan orders and ship deliveries. The solution also offers automated driving protection and assistance based on collision warnings, blind spot detection and driver safety analysis.

Using the visualization capabilities in HikCentral Professional, operators can accurately assess a wide range of KPIs, from driver performance to statistics on on-time deliveries, mileage statistics, vehicle maintenance requirements and the condition of goods in transit. These insights offer new opportunities to streamline business processes, increase operational efficiencies, minimize attrition in the supply chain, and accelerate decision-making and incident response.

Based on the visualization capabilities of the Hikvision Line Haul solution, logistics companies can:

  • Reduce the incidence of lost and damaged goods
    360° onboard cameras, coupled with a range of other sensors, allow managers to check the condition of goods in transit. This allows logistics companies to minimize damage or loss of goods at any point on their way to the end customer.
  • Protect drivers at work
    Cameras and sensors detect and report potential road safety incidents. This aspect of the Hikivision solution includes Collision Warnings, Lane Departure Warnings, Blind Spot Detection and Driving Safety Analysis to improve driver health and safety and prevent accidents and related impacts.
  • Real-time vehicle tracking and status updates
    Alerts show the GPS location of trucks in the fleet. With real-time visibility of vehicle locations, planning and dispatching becomes much more accurate and efficient. It also becomes possible to analyze the performance of vehicles and drivers over time based on KPIs such as on-time arrival of shipments.

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