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A digital vehicle inspection (DVI) is the perfect upgrade for an old process. DVIs hold businesses accountable to drivers through transparency and identify wear and tear trends. While not offered by all auto repair shops, DVIs can give you a true certificate of health for your vehicle without incurring the bill for unnecessary repairs.

What is a digital vehicle inspection and how does it work?

A DVI is usually done with a tablet running a 35-70 point exam. This multi-point check includes media and clearly formulated information on the condition of your car. After all of this has been recorded, the information is stored digitally and made available to you and the Auto repair shop database.

DVIs allow technicians to get detailed information. During inspection, each section is broken down into a color-coding system of green, yellow, and red.

Advantages of the digital vehicle inspection

A DVI is a superior option to its paper counterpart in many ways. Here are five of those benefits.

You see what technology sees

One of the strongest reasons for a DVI is transparency because you see what the technicians see. DVIs allow you to have an intangible living document that you can store and share without the risk of losing it. Where service advisors used to have to explain a problem that a motorist might not understand, DVIs allow you to be trained while saving time and potentially money.

In the past you had to take the time to speak to your service advisor and make decisions based on a verbal evaluation, but a DVI with photo, video and audio aspects will help you make informed decisions. Another advantage of a DVI is that you can use your time to contact your service provider by leaving comments and questions on the document itself. When you can understand a detailed assessment of your inspection results in an organized format, you can take the guesswork out of what you must have done.

Less paperwork

Less paperwork means less loss. The footprint that a DVI creates is physically tiny, but not easily lost. Finding your inspection can be as easy as searching for the email. The other benefit of going paperless and getting a DVI is that there is rarely actionable information about traditional inspections. The lack of clarity on a regular inspection sheet is not easy to read or put into simple words like a DVI is.

Audio/Visual Insights

With the expanded use of media, technicians can easily step through the DVI process and capture the problems at their source. By identifying and explaining what issues are occurring, you end up spending less time clarifying them and less money because you don’t end up paying for things you don’t need.

Simple inspections

Because DVIs allow a technician to quickly step through each step, repetitive tasks are eliminated. Things that a technician used to have to write down are replaced with typed notes, photos, videos and sometimes audio.

Faster repairs

With all the benefits combined, a DVI means faster repairs, at the right time, for the right things. With this top-down look at your vehicle’s condition, you’ll know your vehicle’s problem areas before they become a bigger problem.

Get a health certificate for your vehicle

As with a doctor’s visit, the vital signs are always checked first, regardless of what the actual concern is. The DVI does just that for your vehicle. The creation of a health certificate with easy-to-understand terms and supplemented with images and videos gives you a complete overview and allows for budgeting and delayed maintenance without jeopardizing the health of the vehicle. For this reason they are often called DVIs Digital vehicle health inspections or Digital Auto Checkups.

It’s time to go digital

Even if you want a paper copy, going paperless with a DVI is harmless – the results can always be printed. Just like a person goes to the doctor for an annual check-up, a DVI gives you the best picture of your vehicle’s condition. AutoTechIQ allows car owners to be confident in the money they spend on their vehicles in certified stores.

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