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In this series, NerdWallet highlights people’s ways of paying off debt. This month, Jae Bratton shares how she and her husband focused on paying off debt, motivated by the hope of raising a family.

Jae Bratton

Paid off: More than $53,000 in 3 years

My story of paying off more than $53,046 in debt for two teachers’ salaries is a story of pain, perseverance, and collaboration. But it’s also very much about love. My husband and I began paying off debt shortly after we got married in 2016, and we made the final payment three years later, just before our son was born.

I was adamant that we would not start a family until we paid off the debt to zero. Rumor has it that kids are expensive, so I wanted to make room in our budget for the inevitable medical bills, childcare, and college funds.

That rumor turned out to be cold fact.

Our four main strategies provide a roadmap for others working toward financial independence.

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