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No one ever said saving was fun or easy. And with the narrow gap between what people earn and what they spend, it seems harder than ever these days. Since we can all use a little extra inspiration every now and then to help us save, here are 10 simple tactics that can help get your savings plan on track.

Automate transfers

This approach puts your savings more or less on autopilot. By setting up automatic transfers from your checking account to a dedicated savings account, either weekly or monthly, your savings will accumulate without you ever having to lift a finger. (Except for setup in the first place.)

This approach works especially well when you’re saving for specific goals, like vacations, emergency funds, or a home down payment. Just set aside an amount you can afford to withdraw from your checking account on a regular basis and watch the savings add up.

If you take conscious steps to save money, you will reap more than most realize.

Plan ahead and eat more often

Doing some homework before you go grocery shopping can actually save you a surprising amount of money. Make a shopping list of items you really need and avoid impulse buying. Also, the savings from coupons and loyalty programs can really add up.

Another easy place to save is on the amount you spend on dining out, as meals at restaurants are invariably more expensive than cooking at home. If quitting is too hard, at least try to minimize the number of times you visit a restaurant or order deliveries. (And remember that skipping drinks at a restaurant can significantly reduce your bill.)

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