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State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) Minister Erick Thohir said the government was fully committed to the development of the electric vehicle ecosystem after President Joko Widodo issued Presidential Decree No. 55 of 2019 to Accelerate the Battery Electric Vehicle Program for Road Transport.

The Ministry fully supports by mandating a number of SOEs, including PLN, to accelerate the electric vehicle ecosystem in Indonesia. “We should all keep national energy security in reasonable shape as we currently import 1.5 million barrels a day for heating oil (BBM) or the equivalent of 200 trillion rupees a year. Electric vehicles are the solution to reduce foreign consumption exchange abroad,” he said.

Minister Thohir explained that the switch to electric vehicles has many benefits for both the economy and the environment. This is in line with the national goal of further promoting sustainable economic development. The Ministry of SOEs acted quickly and mandated a number of SOEs, including PLN, to work together to accelerate the electric vehicle ecosystem in Indonesia.

PLN President Director Darmawan Prasodjo stated that PLN is ready to help accelerate the electric vehicle ecosystem from upstream to downstream. In addition to ensuring the power supply for charging electric vehicles, PLN has also prepared supporting infrastructure and services to make it easier for users to switch to electric vehicles.

Currently, PLN has developed 150 units of Public Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (SPKLU), spread over 120 locations. PLN plans to expand another 110 units of SPKLU in 2022. Darmawan said PLN is pleased to welcome business entities to work together in partnerships to provide SPKLU. A new system for providing SPKLU is the Partnership Investor Own Investor Operate (IO2), where the partner prepares investment funds according to the type of SPKLU service, land provision, and operation and maintenance. “PLN also cooperates with state-owned banks or Himbara for EV banking service products, car rentals and the SPKLU franchise,” he said.

In addition, for electric vehicles, PLN has also provided a General Electric Vehicle Battery Exchange Station (SPBKLU). Currently 16 units are installed in Jakarta and 2 units in Surabaya. In 2022 it is planned to expand 70 SPBKLU units with a total of about 300 batteries and locations on Java and Bali.

“Considering the experience of EV users, most charging is done at home when the vehicle is not in use. Usually at night. For this reason, PLN has also cooperated with ATPM or electric vehicle dealers,” he said.

Through this cooperation, PLN customers who buy EVs will be immediately assisted in the installation of home chargers and discount fees in the new installation of EVs, namely the “Super Everyday” promo. “PLN also offers a 30 percent discount fee for home use to charge electricity from 22.00 WIB to 05.00 WIB,” he said.

Electric vehicle users will also be facilitated by Electric Vehicle Digital Services (EVDS), according to Darmawan. The EVDS is a platform for complete services related to electric vehicles. “EVDS will improve the customer experience by digitizing and integrating all customer service systems for users or potential users of electric vehicles,” he explained.

PLN is also actively working with other SOEs institutions to develop an end-to-end EV battery supply chain through Indonesia Battery Corporation (IBC). Darmawan explained that the potential for nickel in Indonesia will be able to support EV acceleration in Indonesia as the battery component is the most expensive component in an EV.

For this reason, PLN has joined the IBC, a consortium of 4 SOEs consisting of PLN, Antam, Pertamina and Mind ID, which will deal with the mining and energy sector. “In 2022, PLN will increase the fund for IBC to IDR 513 billion to develop the battery industry,” Darmawan said.

Photo: Electric vehicle drivers charging at a public electric vehicle charging station (SPKLU). pt. PLN has developed a franchise system and intends to expand from its current 150 SPKLU stations in 120 locations to 580 stations for electric vehicle owners across the country. [Image: ANTARA/HO-Corporate PLN.]

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