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Politicians praise electric cars. If everyone buys them, they say, solar and wind power will replace our need for oil.

But that’s absurd.

Here’s the rest of my list of “inconvenient facts” about electric cars.

“The future of the auto industry is electric,” says President Joe Biden. He expects a huge improvement in batteries.

Better batteries are crucial because both power plants and cars need to store a lot of electrical energy.

But here’s inconvenient fact 3: Batteries are bad at storing large amounts of energy.

“Batteries leak and don’t last much,” says physicist Mark Mills.

Mills thinks electric cars are great, but explains that “Oil starts with a huge advantage: 5,000% more energy per pound. Electric car batteries weigh 1,000 pounds. That 1,000 pounds only replaces 80 pounds of gasoline.”

But future batteries will be better, I point out.

Batteries are getting better, but they can’t defy the laws of physics

“Engineers are really good at making things better,” Mills replies, “but they can’t make them better than the laws of physics allow.”

A charging station provides up to 2 hours of parking and charging for electric vehicles.

That’s an uncomfortable fact. 4. Miracle batteries powerful enough to replace fossil fuels are a fantasy.

“Because nature isn’t kind to people,” explains Mills, “we store energy when it’s cold or really hot. People who envision an energy transition want to build windmills and solar panels and store all that energy in batteries. But if you do, in purely mathematical terms, you’d have to build about a hundred trillion dollars worth of batteries to store the same amount of energy Europe has stockpiled for this winter. It would take the world’s battery factories 400 years to make that many batteries. “

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