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Jack Doohan set the pace early on Day 2 at the Yas Marina Circuit, finishing the morning session in the lead with a 1’35.990. In the afternoon, Frederik Vesti followed with the best time of 1:36.462.

The Virtuosi Racing driver ended the final race weekend of the season with a faster qualifying time than Ayumu Iwasa. Jehan Daruvala and Iwasa finished second and third, a tenth back.

PREMA Racing’s Vesti took the top spot in the afternoon segment, with Iwasa second and teammate Oliver Bearman completing the top three.


Most of the field was quick out of the box for a few laps on the board. Roy Nissany, Théo Pourchaire and Iwasa each led in the early stages before Enzo Fittipaldi broke the 1:36 barrier to lead Carlin 1-2 ahead of Zane Maloney.

It didn’t take long for MP Motorsport to return to the top of the timesheets after being fastest in the opening session of Day 1. Daruvala bolted on a fresh set of soft tires and completed several flying laps to lower the benchmark, with the beating time dropping from 1:36.660 to 1:36.160.

After an hour of racing, the session was halted after Victor Martins in the ART Grand Prix car crashed at Turn 16, bringing down the red flag for barrier repairs.

Doohan became the first driver behind the wheel of the Virtuosi car to set the 1:35 second, improving Daruvala’s time by 0.170 seconds. The Alpine-Junior’s 1:35.990 stayed in the lead for the entire last hour, finishing ahead of Daruvala and Iwasa.

Ralph Boschung finished the morning in fourth ahead of Fittipaldi in P5 and his 2023 Campos Racing teammate Kush Maini in sixth. Nissany was seventh fastest for Charouz Racing System. Dennis Hauger finished the session in ninth, separating the two ART cars of Pourchaire and Martins.

PREMA Racing’s Frederik Vesti and Juan Manuel Correa, testing for Van Amersfoort Racing, maximized their available time and completed the most laps at 53 laps each.


The focus was on cross-country pace in a busy afternoon session led by Vesti from the start. Gradual improvements by the Mercedes junior lowered his best mark by six tenths. His 1:38.283 put him 1.3 seconds ahead of Dennis Hauger and Iwasa.

The contact between Doohan and Maini at Turn 9 midway caused the only stoppage of the session.

In the last hour, Trident’s Clément Novalak pushed himself into second ahead of 2023 PREMA rookie Bearman. As the only rider in the 1:36s to the final 10 minutes, Vesti stayed away with his best performance and continued to improve with a 1:36.462 at the end.

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A string of late personal bests put both PREMAs in the top three, with Bearman separating DAMS duo Iwasa and Arthur Leclerc in third place.

Maloney was six tenths off the leader in fifth, ahead of Novalak and the two Charouz Racing System cars of Nissany and Brad Benavides. Roman Stanek was ninth while Hauger completed the top 10. 11 riders broke the 50-lap mark, with Pourchaire clocking up the most kilometers in 67 laps completed.

The third and final day of testing after the season begins at 9 a.m. local time. Van Amersfoort Racing will have a changed line-up, with Rafael Villagómez taking over the #25 car and working alongside Juan Manuel Correa in the #24.


1 Jack Doohan Virtuoso racing 1:35,990 44
2 Jehan Daruvala MP Motorsport 1:36.160 30
3 Ayumu Iwasa dams 1:36.165 41
4 Ralf Boschung Campos race 1:36.311 33
5 Enzo Fittipaldi Carlin 1:36.335 21
6 Kusch Maini Campos race 1:36.349 49
7 Roy Nissany Charouz racing system 1:36.352 30
8th Theo Pourchaire ART Grand Prix 1:36.368 36
9 Dennis Hauger MP Motorsport 1:36.427 31
10 Victor Martins ART Grand Prix 1:36,579 20
11 Fredrik Vesti PREMA race 1:36,596 53
12 Clemens Novalak trident 1:36,642 30
13 Zane Maloney Carlin 1:36.691 33
14 Richard Verschoor Van Amersfoort Racing 1:36,764 45
fifteen Arthur Leclerc dams 1:36,849 42
16 Amaury Cordeel Virtuoso racing 1:36,869 36
17 Isack Hadjar Hitech Grand Prix 1:37.083 41
18 Roman Stank trident 1:37.152 34
19 Brad Benavides Charouz racing system 1:37.243 46
20 Juan Manuel Correa Van Amersfoort Racing 1:37.332 53
21 Jak Crawford Hitech Grand Prix 1:37.378 42
22 Oliver Baermann PREMA race 1:40,969 25


1 Fredrik Vesti PREMA race 1:36.462 39
2 Ayumu Iwasa dams 1:36.517 48
3 Oliver Baermann PREMA race 1:36.715 47
4 Arthur Leclerc dams 1:36.829 39
5 Zane Maloney Carlin 1:37.095 58
6 Clemens Novalak trident 1:37.123 16
7 Roy Nissany Charouz racing system 1:37.467 38
8th Brad Benavides Charouz racing system 1:37.931 52
9 Roman Stank trident 1:37,934 55
10 Dennis Hauger MP Motorsport 1:38.667 48
11 Enzo Fittipaldi Carlin 1:38.828 50
12 Amaury Cordeel Virtuoso racing 1:39.002 58
13 Theo Pourchaire ART Grand Prix 1:39.502 67
14 Jehan Daruvala MP Motorsport 1:39.512 50
fifteen Ralf Boschung Campos race 1:39.604 55
16 Jack Doohan Virtuoso racing 1:40,090 25
17 Isack Hadjar Hitech Grand Prix 1:40.164 59
18 Victor Martins ART Grand Prix 1:40.184 37
19 Jak Crawford Hitech Grand Prix 1:40,530 59
20 Kusch Maini Campos race 1:41.206 21
21 Juan Manuel Correa Van Amersfoort Racing 1:59.089 50
22 Richard Verschoor Van Amersfoort Racing 2:00.291 43

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