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Vitesco Technologies, a leading international provider of advanced drive technologies and solutions for e-mobility, is presenting its innovative electrification solutions for various segments in the two-wheeler market at EICMA 2022. The focus is on two new demonstration vehicles: Vitesco Technologies is presenting the second development stage of its hybrid concept for motorcycles with a displacement of more than 125 cc; In addition, the company is presenting for the first time a demo version of its 48-volt system for light electric motorcycles and scooters with an output of 3 to 7 kW (corresponds to up to 150 cubic centimeters for combustion engines). In addition to the two-wheeler competence of the company, Vitesco Technologies also benefits from its own series products in the automotive sector with its new developments. In Milan, the company is therefore showing the highly integrated EMR3 (3approx Generation of the Electronics Motor Reducer) electric axle drive, which has already proven itself in the passenger car market, as a tailor-made solution for high-performance three- and four-wheelers. Electronic control units are a cross-divisional core competence of Vitesco Technologies. They play a central role in all new products and are also the focus of the innovative products for combustion engines presented at the EICMA.

Hybrid: additional e-power, electric start and much more

With the new hybrid concept, the additional electric drive not only ensures a reduction in CO emissions2 -Emissions of up to 75 percent in the WMTC (World Motorcycle Test Cycle), but also significantly increases driving pleasure and enables new driving functions. When accelerating, the drive responds more agile thanks to the immediately available e-power, and the additional torque of the e-motor allows the medium-sized motorcycle (displacement: 401 ccm) to develop more thrust than a conventional 1000 ccm engine. The new driving functions include electric starting without using the clutch and an electric reverse gear. In purely electric mode, the hybrid concept can travel up to 30 kilometers and reach speeds of up to 60 kilometers per hour.

The 48-volt electric drive (12 kW) is a standard belt-driven starter generator from the passenger car sector, where Vitesco Technologies has been using 48-volt hybridization since 2016. The electronic heart of the system also comes from the passenger car segment: the Powertrain Domain Control Unit (PDCU), which, as the so-called master controller, takes over the highly demanding control strategy in hybrid systems. In addition to the electric drive, it also controls the interaction between the combustion engine and the electric motor as well as the new driving functions. An automated transmission with a centrifugal clutch and an intelligent actuator enables the master controller to change gears independently while driving without using the clutch. Easy to implement, inexpensive and extremely effective, the system is designed for motorcycles from 300cc displacement (see separate press release for further details).

Emission-free driving: demo scooter with 48-volt system

The demo scooter, presented for the first time in Milan, runs purely electrically. Its 48-volt system is designed for smaller two-wheelers, which play a central role in everyday mobility, especially in Asian countries. Vitesco Technologies is already developing the drive system in specific customer projects until it is ready for series production.

The system is controlled by an eDCU (Electric Drive Control Unit). This integrated control unit for electric drives contains both the inverter function and additional vehicle functions. The eDCU was specially developed for two-wheelers and includes functions such as multi-battery management for swappable batteries. In addition, it ensures intelligent battery management that makes it compatible with various battery interfaces, embedded in a compact and lightweight design.

The drive unit is a compact, high-power-density permanent magnet electric motor equipped with a special inductive rotor position sensor (iRPS). The in-house developed sensor gives the brushless electric motor this extremely high control quality in a fully electric drive. In this way, demanding driving situations can be mastered with ease. The iRPS is connected to the motor shaft and can be positioned in different ways. The very light and compact system with magnetless technology without rare earths is immune to low-frequency magnetic fields and can be used in an ambient temperature range from minus 40 to plus 150°C.

EMR3: Powerful electric drive for the powersports segment

The EMR3 electric axle drive is a highly integrated, compact and lightweight unit consisting of a permanent magnet synchronous motor, power electronics (inverter) and reduction gear (reducer). Vitesco Technologies has been using the third generation of the EMR as standard in numerous passenger car models from European and Asian manufacturers since 2019. This innovative and mature technology is also a perfect solution for the electrification of multi-track vehicles in the powersports segment such as ATVs (All-Terrain Vehicles) and SSVs (Side-by-Side Vehicles) or for e-rickshaws.

The scalable electric drive has an output of up to 150 kW and a torque of up to 2,900 Nm, weighs only 76 kilograms and is hardly larger than a hand luggage case (40 x 35 x 55 cm). The fact that the system does not require a plug or cable to connect the motor and converter also contributes to its robustness. The PDCU used in the hybrid concept could be used as a control unit. It has the potential to communicate with the EMR3.

Vitesco Technologies also has a tailor-made solution for coolant circuits in applications with higher performance. The highly efficient electric water pump with wet-running brushless DC motor is scalable in terms of power (70 to 270 W). It is also configurable with different motors and impeller sizes, as well as different cooling shrouds.

Pioneering engine control units for future emission standards

Emission regulations for internal combustion engines are being tightened worldwide and the standards that were introduced in the automotive sector some time ago are finding their way more and more into the world of two-wheelers. To help manufacturers meet these stringent requirements, Vitesco Technologies offers a wide range of highly efficient, pioneering engine controllers. These M4 control units, for example, make smaller single-cylinder petrol engines Bluetooth-enabled (M4L-BLE), enable electronic throttle valve control (M4-REK) and have set standards in the high-end sector thanks to their range of functions and the smallest possible installation space (M4C, M4D). Vitesco Technologies will continuously adapt the engine controls to future requirements and also develop the next product generation.

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