Road Maintenance Fee Increase As Part Of Ennis Fant’s Larger Tax Plan In Greenville County – Greenville News | CarTailz

Greenville County Council member Ennis Fant is proposing a $10 increase in the annual road maintenance fee for registered vehicle owners across the county, but Fant sees the increase as a temporary stopgap measure.

Fant’s ordinance, which calls for a public hearing for residents at the Nov. 1 county council meeting, would increase the annual fee to $25 per vehicle. Fant said he would use that fee increase as motivation for voters to pass the penny sales tax he plans to propose to county council next year.

If voters ultimately pass that penny sales tax — and it would require a public vote on a referendum, not just council approval — Fant said, council members would lower the road toll to the $15 where it now stands.

“The $10 is just a carrot,” Fant said.

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