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A British TV star has described his anger after eco-vandals slashed the tires of at least 10 cars on his street – even against electric vehicles.

Jonathan Barnwell, who has appeared on Industry and Ripper Street, said angry local residents believed the saboteurs donned creepy masks and dressed up as trick-or-treating before leaving a trail of destruction in their wake on Monday night.

The actor, who has a one-year-old daughter, said he fears children’s lives are being put on the line by shadowy climate activist group Tire Extinguishers.

The saboteurs struck under cover of darkness in Randolph Crescent, Maida Vale, west London, leaving up to 20 SUVs – including electric vehicles and hybrids – on the road with punctured tyres, sources say.

In addition to Bentleys and Porsches, activists damaged all-electric Audi e-trons and electric BMWs.

The eco-zealots slashed tires across the road in Maida Vale, west London on Monday

Actor Jonathan Barnwell slammed the eco-vandals, saying

Actor Jonathan Barnwell slammed the eco-vandals, saying “a flat tire is about as dangerous as it gets” when driving kids

The attackers left leaflets explaining why they were targeting the vehicles placed under windshield wipers.

Jonathan – who also starred as Seb Oldroyd in the hit BBC drama series Industry – told MailOnline: “When mothers and children got into their cars just before the school run, they were shocked to see that most of the cars on the road had the tires had been slashed.

“It was absolute carnage. The damage has to be paid for, but when you have small children, and many of them are babies, the last thing you want is for your tire to come off the rim while driving.

‘It is no joke. A flat tire is as dangerous as it gets.’

Organizers said they had lost tire pressure in a number of upscale areas of west London, including South Kensington, Maida Vale, St John’s Wood, Queen’s Park and Holland Park.

They denied slashing tires and said they were deflated by other means.

It comes as organizers boasted about having achieved the groundbreaking goal of “disarming” 10,000 vehicles around the world.

They said cities around the world are competing to attack the most vehicles – without a single saboteur being apprehended – and boasted a growing number of prominent victims.

The vandals left notes for their victims that read,

The vandals left notes for their victims that read, “Your gas guzzler kills” and argued that even driving electric cars is wrong

SUVs and high-end cars, including BMWs, Bentleys and Porches, have been targeted

SUVs and high-end cars, including BMWs, Bentleys and Porches, have been targeted

These included former BP boss Lord Browne, Guardian columnist Mariella Frostrup and EastEnders star Jessie Wallace.

Jonathan shared how he was horrified to discover the extent of the damage after taking his daughter out early to walk the family dog.

He said: “It’s scary that this is becoming more and more commonplace. It could have been really dangerous for the kids.

“All the tires on all the cars were attacked on Halloween.

“They probably put on masks and dressed up as scary people. It would have been the perfect cover. I think that’s why they decided to do it back then.

“It can be very dangerous when people try to drive and don’t realize it. I know a couple of my neighbors who were halfway down the street before realizing what was going on.

“Most of the cars belonged to parents who took their children to school.

“They ended up having to hail taxis while others had to wait for their cars to be towed. Many cars were damaged.

“Many of the parents had two or three children, some of them very young.

“I counted 10 cars on my part of the road, but there were many more.

“About half of them were all-electric or hybrid. The joke is, these are people trying to make a difference.

Local residents were furious when they discovered the damage to their vehicles

Local residents were furious when they discovered the damage to their vehicles

The radical eco-group claimed it had

The radical eco-group claimed it had “disarmed 10,000 SUV death machines” in recent months.

“There were some nice cars too – the Bentleys and Porsches, but they weren’t discriminatory.

“It doesn’t make any sense at all.

“They targeted big 4×4-style SUVs – and left fliers on the windshield justifying it.

“There is a huge risk if someone with children tried to drive. Someone could have been hurt.’

The real drama happened on Monday night, but today many of the vehicles were “still stuck with flat tyres”.

Jonathan said he was one of the few people who escaped the slaughter.

He said: “My car was parked at the end of the road, so maybe that’s why it wasn’t attacked.

“It’s also 15 years old. It’s a Renault Tiguan. It doesn’t look very flashy. It’s not very pretty, so maybe they decided it wasn’t worth doing.’

In a statement, West London TX said, “We deflated the tires of 184 SUVs by administering lenses in the valve caps.”

They said that “particularly in cities” vehicles “have no function other than to display the wealth and convenience of the individual.”

The statement added: “We cannot sit idly by as the luxurious ownership of a select few brings us ever closer to a runaway climate collapse.

“Retiring SUVs is a small and necessary act of resistance in the face of environmental catastrophe.”

The organisation, which bills itself as “a network of autonomous groups acting independently”, began operations in the UK in March and claims to be active in at least 15 countries including the US, Canada, France, Germany, Switzerland , the Netherlands, Sweden, New Zealand and Italy.

The group said: “Tyre extinguishers are celebrating a major milestone after meeting the target of 10,000 SUVs deflated since March.

“This milestone came sooner than expected, with the group originally aiming for it to be achieved by Christmas.”

Spokesperson Marion Walker added: “In just over half a year we have spread across the world and disarmed 10,000 SUV death machines.

“That’s just the beginning. We expect many more people around the world to join. We’ll keep going until SUVs are in the dustbin of history.’

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