How Season for Sharing A New Leaf Helps Keep Families Together – The Arizona Republic | CarTailz

Corie Billingsley often sees people at the lowest points in their lives.

She is the director of A New Leaf, a Mesa-based nonprofit that helps families navigate the many challenges that come with homelessness and pave the way to a future where their next meal or bedtime doesn’t matter .

Billingsley told The Arizona Republic that keeping families together is a top priority for A New Leaf, since other places only serve men or women or children of a certain age. There are also evasion programs for people who are not yet homeless but are likely to be at risk of eviction.

“How do we take you to a financial plan and a housing stability plan to take you to your next step,” Billingsley said. “The main goal is to break up families and, if possible, to prevent this. Keeping dad at home, keeping dad and mom together, showing the kids this is a problem, but you have a community that’s behind you.”

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