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Pick n Pay announced vehicle owners will be able to renew their vehicle licenses through a new system

  • Many motorists have found themselves owing thousands of rands in unpaid vehicle license fees.
  • Fees apply when a car sold has not undergone a change of ownership.
  • News24 motor vehicle license specialist JP Pater explains what to do in this situation.

Have you sold your car, maybe even years ago, only to find that the vehicle is still in your name? Or have you recently tried to register a new car and found that you owe thousands of rands in unpaid car license fees? News24 Driving Reader Stephan Baker wrote to our editor when he found himself in this predicament.

Baker writes, “My wife was involved in an accident in our Jeep Grand Cherokee a few years ago. The insurance company paid compensation that was insufficient to get the vehicle repaired.

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“The repair company offered to buy the vehicle and we reluctantly agreed to the sale. After we handed over the papers and filled out the documents, we got paid. However, that company never repaired the vehicle and put it back on the road, nor did it transfer title to it.

A vehicle registration certificate that has not been renewed for more t

A driver’s license that has not been renewed for more than four years means a hefty deposit.

“We now want to buy a small vehicle, but the traffic authority refuses to register the new car in my wife’s name. They have presented her with an outstanding bill for R14,000 in unpaid royalties that have accumulated over the past decade.

“Could you please direct us to the relevant authorities to appeal our predicament as we are in our 70s and do not have the money to pay this fine? Do you have experience or knowledge how we can solve this?

News24 Driving reached out to our vehicle licensing specialist, JP Plater, for advice on what the Bakers, or one of our readers, might do about this situation.

What to do

Father explains:

The main problem with selling a vehicle is the risk that the buyer or new owner will not change hands, which then becomes a terrible headache for the previous owner. The problem with this is that it is NOT the buyer’s responsibility to complete the change of ownership, only to register the new vehicle. So, in that sense, the following must happen:

1. The seller must submit the change of ownership form. It goes by many names, including the NCO form, also known as the “yellow form” at licensing centers. NCO stands for Notice of Change of Ownership.

2. The new buyer must apply for registration of the motor vehicle.

The yellow form known as the NCO form - Notice of

The yellow form known as the NCO form – Notice of Change of Ownership. If you are selling your vehicle, ensure this form is completed and submitted.

It’s better to submit the yellow form multiple times and hear it’s already done than not submitting it and having incurring fees, like in this case. The approval authority is strict here and holds the seller responsible.

However, there is a solution to such a situation. If he’s lucky, Mr. Baker can apply for a discount or even have him written off. Unfortunately, this is a process and the vehicle owner must apply for a rebate with their licensing authority – your nearest registration office or Motor Vehicle Licensing Authority (MVLA).

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This includes explaining what happened and also a breakdown of their financial situation.

The other alternative is to request a duplicate of the Natis document and de-register the vehicle but still pay a certain amount which Mr Baker could try to recover.

Fines on the motorcycle driver's license.

Fines on the motorcycle driver’s license.

The other option that the police will involve is to sign an affidavit detailing your story and then submit the yellow form detailing the buyer. Also make a note if the buyer cannot be found. This route will remove the vehicle from their name and they can void the backlog.

Keep in mind that if a vehicle license is not renewed on time, a penalty fee will be added for each month the license is not renewed. Even if your car needs repairs, it’s best to renew your vehicle registration to stay up to date.

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