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As in most states, drivers in Bend, Oregon must meet minimum vehicle insurance requirements in order to legally drive. The average cost of auto insurance in Bend is $509 per year for minimum coverage and $1,231 per year for full coverage. Your tariff may differ as the costs are based on personal characteristics such as age, driving profile and claims history.

Corner drivers looking for the best cheap car insurance companies may feel overwhelmed with so many options available. Bankrate analyzed and compared dozens of airlines to help Bend drivers narrow down options that could offer them the cheapest fares for the coverage they need in central Oregon’s largest city.

The best cheap car insurance in Bend

The best cheap auto insurance companies in Bend are State Farm, Mutual of Enumclaw, and USAA, according to Bankrate research. We used several variables to determine the cheapest auto insurance in Oregon, including third-party ratings from the 2022 JD Power Auto Insurance Study in the Northwest Region and 2022 premium data analyzed by Quadrant Information Services. It can be helpful to use the Bankrate Score to help you choose a provider that suits your needs. This five-tier score is based on financial strength, coverage options, rebates, average annual premiums, third-party customer satisfaction, and mobile and online accessibility.

United States of America*

5.0 883/1,000 $964 $402
district farm 4.7 839/1,000 $828 $349
geiko 4.7 832/1,000 $1,104 $397
Progressive 4.4 819/1,000 $1,272 $545
Reciprocity by Enumclaw N / A N / A $938 $418

* Not officially rated by JD Power due to eligibility restrictions


A cheap option for drivers in Bend, Oregon is USAA. Although this airline has accumulated the most points in the Northwest region, it does not qualify for the ranking as it limits its eligibility. Only current and former military personnel and their immediate family members are eligible for USAA. If you are eligible, USAA offers custom vehicle coverage that can repair or replace up to $5,000 worth of custom equipment. You can also save up to 30 percent with the SafePilot telematics program.

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district farm

Bend drivers can find State Farm’s cheapest auto insurance rates. Drivers who practice safe driving habits can save even more with State Farm’s Drive Safe and Save telematics program, up to 30 percent. State Farm received the second-highest score in the JD Power ranking for customer satisfaction in the Northwest region. This airline offers local agents who understand the needs of drivers in Bend and other areas of Oregon. However, there are few optional coverage options that may not provide the tailored coverage some Bend riders require.

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While Geico isn’t the cheapest option in Bend, its average annual rates are below the city’s average. It received an above-average customer satisfaction rating from JD Power for the Northwest region and has a long list of auto insurance discounts to keep prices down. Geico has few optional cover types, but you may find them valuable. These include roadside assistance, car rental refunds and breakdown insurance.

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With slightly above average rates compared to the Bend average, Progressive is the most expensive option on the list. However, it does offer customers optional coverage upgrades to tailor their policies to their needs. You may want gap insurance, rental car reimbursement, custom parts, or a rideshare. Progressive also has a thrift deductible feature that can reduce your comprehensive insurance and collision deductibles by $50 for each insurance period that you remain claim-free.

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Reciprocity by Enumclaw

Mutual of Enumclaw offers coverage in seven states and may be another cheap choice for drivers in Bend. To get Mutual of Enumclaw coverage, you must work with an independent agent who is under contract with the airline. The company offers some unique coverage options such as: B. Wildfire protection and surveillance, cover for keys and locks, replacement of child seats and coverage for injuries to pets. However, you can only get a home and car package policy through Mutual of Enumclaw, which may not be an option for those who aren’t homeowners.

How to get and keep the cheapest auto insurance in Bend

Knowing how to get and keep the cheapest auto insurance in Bend can help you when buying auto insurance. In addition to comparing car insurance quotes, here are some other tips to help you get and keep cheap car insurance:

  • Find out what coverage you need before you shop. Not everyone has the same coverage requirements. So by knowing what coverage you need, you can narrow down the best and cheapest provider. For example, if you have a newer car or are financing your vehicle, you likely need full coverage. But if you have an older car that’s paid off and can afford to replace it out of pocket, you can save with liability-only insurance.
  • Take advantage of discounts. To get cheap car insurance, you should take advantage of discounts. Many can be stacked together to get the most out of your savings. Since each airline has its own list of discounts and eligibility criteria, you should contact the company to find out what discounts they offer so you can get the cheapest fare.

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