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The temperature drop showcases the products and expertise of America’s leading battery retailer

HARTLAND, Wis., November 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) The United States weathered its third-warmest summer on record in 2022. Now that the country has officially entered the fall season and is fast moving into the colder winter months, consumers should be asking themselves, “What does this mean for my car battery?” batteries plus, the nation’s number one battery retailer, has the answer. The stress of the hot summer months can wreak havoc on car batteries, causing them to fail faster this winter and leaving drivers stranded at the worst possible time. In response, Batteries Plus is launching its “Come therecampaign to educate car and truck drivers on the importance of being prepared this winter season.

With new data suggesting nearly half of all Americans will hit the road during the upcoming winter vacation travel season coupled with the inevitable cold snaps and severe storms that are a possibility this winter, Batteries Plus is taking the opportunity to tell consumers educate them on the steps required to ensure they arrive at their destination safely and on time. The battery retailer encourages drivers to check their car battery early in the season by visiting one of their more than 700 locations and having it tested free of charge by an in-store expert to determine if it actually needs to be replaced. When a new battery is needed, experts help customers find the right battery for their car, among other quality products that suit their needs. To extend battery life, Batteries Plus also offers a premium installation service, where an employee will apply anti-corrosion products when installing the new car battery. These products and services are designed to help consumers get where they want to go this winter season.

“This year’s hot summer months have drained millions of car batteries and their owners don’t even know it. We want to make sure drivers know that these weakened batteries have a higher risk of failure during these colder winter months,” he said Derek Detenberg, Chief Marketing and Merchandising Officer for Batteries Plus. “With all the holiday trips ahead, Batteries Plus wants to help alleviate unnecessary stress this winter season by providing drivers with our unrivaled range of car batteries to suit every need, whilst offering unrivaled battery testing, installation expertise and anti-corrosion treatments that only you available at Battery Plus stores.”

Batteries Plus not only provides consumers with unmatched products and services for their automotive needs, but also helps them keep their cell phone, key fob, laptop and tablet batteries running longer and more efficiently. Each employee across its 700+ locations has experience working with top brands and operating systems to provide the best inspection for a device, including repairing phones for broken and cracked screens. Batteries Plus also offers a range of products such as: Such as: car batteries (ATV, motorcycle, car, boat and golf cart), chargers, cell phone batteries, phone accessories, SLA batteries, alkaline batteries and generators.

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Batteries Plus was founded in 1988 and is headquartered in Hartland, WI, is a leading omnichannel retailer of batteries, specialty light bulbs and phone repair services for direct sales and commercial channels. The retailer also offers key programming, replacement and cutting services. Through a nationwide network of stores, the company offers a differentiated value proposition with unrivaled product selection, stock availability and customer service. Batteries Plus is owned by Freeman Spoglia private equity firm based in los Angeles and NYC. To learn more about one of the top Forbes® franchises in America, visit

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