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REPOWER OC is known for installing free electric vehicle charging stations throughout Orange County

REPOWER OC, a well-known solar panel installer in Orange County, California, is also helping Californians adopt electric vehicles as a sustainable mode of transportation

[With EVs], the drivers have a much cheaper means of transport. Generating your own electricity is perfect for a home or commercial business in Orange County.”

– Eddie McLaughlin

ORANGE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, Nov. 15, 2022 / — Eddie McLaughlin, owner of solar panel installation company REPOWER OC, is no stranger to the increasing use of electric vehicles.

In fact, his company is working with energy suppliers to help drivers everywhere charge their electric vehicles (EVs) for free. He also helps business owners install solar panels and charging stations for optimal efficiency.

“We come to dealerships that are prepared with a bespoke plan for a property based on energy needs to maximize savings. A customer’s opinion counts, and we will work with them to develop a system that meets their goals,” says McLaughlin.

He and his team were excited about the rise of clean, sustainable energy for California. And due in part to California legislation, gas-powered vehicles will be phased out of production by 2035. This leaves the drivers with a 100% emission-free vehicle sale.

However, this means putting existing transport methods in perspective. This is where ICE cars come into play. REPOWER OC wants to answer any questions curious drivers might have about ICE cars and electric vehicles to help them get used to a greener, more sustainable future.

ICE cars: what are they?

California is at the forefront of green technology and industry thanks to an executive order from Governor Gavin Newsom. This will make electric vehicles the norm. The implementing regulation stipulates that gas-powered vehicles will be phased out by 2035. Gas-powered cars, also known as internal combustion engine vehicles (ICE), will be a thing of the past.

REPOWER OC, always keen to educate Californians about the rise of greener, more sustainable options, recently went into depth on ICE vs. EVs.

In an article entitled What is an internal combustion engine? Advantages of not using combustion engines, the REPOWER OC team describes the various advantages and disadvantages of using a combustion engine and an electric vehicle.

Unsurprisingly, electric vehicles are quickly becoming a more viable mode of transportation for many Californians. With higher efficiency, longer battery life and significantly lower maintenance costs, electric vehicles have many key advantages.

“Because electric vehicles are powered by electricity, their modes of operation are significantly more efficient. Electricity from free EV chargers in Orange County is cheaper than gas, especially with high gas prices being the norm,” says Eddie McLaughlin.

“In addition, there is a battery that lasts much longer than that of a combustion engine, around 12 to 15 years. With internal combustion engines, drivers have to replace their batteries every few years, sometimes every year or two. at best, [drivers] can use it with a battery change after five years. Since EVs have much larger, more efficient car batteries, that’s not a competition.”

But ICE cars are not without their advantages. Perhaps the most significant benefit of owning an internal combustion engine is the widespread ability to refuel. EV chargers, while effective in helping drivers get to their destinations, are not as widespread as gas stations. But again, with the executive order driving change in the automotive industry, free EV chargers are likely to become more widespread in Orange County. This makes charging an EV battery less of a hassle.

Likewise, the fuel in an ICE vehicle is likely to last longer than a weaker charge in an electric vehicle. This does little to help with a driver’s range anxiety or fear of not reaching a destination due to a low charge. But like other EV disadvantages, they’re likely to diminish over the next decade as drivers need to buy an EV.

ICE vehicles vs. electric vehicles
The core of REPOWER OC’s deep dive into internal combustion engines and electric vehicles is: Which is better?

REPOWER is committed to electric vehicles, and given the data from the US Department of Energy, that’s hardly surprising. But that enthusiasm is well placed as EVs, with all their benefits and minimal drawbacks, will be an integral part of California’s transportation system.

Installation of free electric vehicle charging stations in Orange County

REPOWER OC, along with Southern California Edison (SCE), is helping business owners make the most of a burgeoning EV scene by installing free EV charging stations in Orange County. SCE helps with infrastructure costs so business owners just have to wait for the REPOWER team to take care of city permits, construction and activation.

“Add in home charging stations for an electric vehicle and solar panels on the roof, and customers have a much more affordable method of transportation. Generating your own electricity is perfect for any home or business in Orange County,” says McLaughlin.

“If a customer owns a car dealership or car wash in Orange County, they can even charge customers for charging EVs in-store. The potential for electric cars is huge.”

Solar power with REPOWER OC

In addition to EV tips and news, McLaughlin and the REPOWER OC team are helping potential customers adopt solar energy by installing solar panels in Orange County.

Orange County solar panel installers work with business owners to install commercial solar systems to capitalize on the green energy future. They will help create a detailed blueprint to make the most of the property and help customers choose the best solar panels in Orange County for their purposes.

With solar power and electric vehicle charging at the forefront of energy generation, Eddie McLaughlin and his team are ready and eager to meet the needs of people looking for solar panels in Orange County. They are also striving to meet a greener future with advances in electric vehicle technology.

More about REPOWER OC

REPOWER OC is a team of solar professionals based in Orange County.
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