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Take a look at Omaha’s suggested streetcar route and the stops and points of interest along the way.

The Omaha Streetcar Authority met Monday to discuss a possible site for vehicle maintenance buildings and other upcoming decisions needed to keep the city’s proposed streetcar system on track.

The location of the tram’s vehicle maintenance facility will not be determined for some time, but the agency’s board of directors outlined a likely location during its monthly meeting.

City-owned land near Eighth Street and Capitol Avenue would be an ideal location, board members said.

An agreement between the Metropolitan Entertainment & Convention Authority and the city would be required before the spot is completed as MECA acts as administrator of the property.

MECA officials have been open to discussions with the city and the agency, said Jay Noddle, president of the streetcar authority.

In the coming weeks, the board members will also consider joint sourcing of vehicles with Portland, Oregon.

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Omaha estimates the purchase of six vehicles, combining Portland’s 11 and two other cities. The entire order can contain up to 30 vehicles.

“There are several interested and competitive automakers, and an increase in the number could mean an increase in the options manufacturers have to offer,” said Rick Gustafson, the agency’s interim director.

As suggested, Omaha’s streetcar system would have a route of 6.16 miles, but a round trip would be about 3.1 miles.

Board members for the agency approved a route concept at their September meeting that would see streetcars travel east along Harney Street and then turn north along 10th Street to about Cass Street near the CHI Health Center. The streetcars would then head back south on 10th Street to Capitol Avenue.

From there, the route would travel a few blocks east to Eighth Street near the city’s riverfront before turning west onto Farnam Street. The cars would then head to the western terminus of the route at 42nd Street near the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

The construction of an Omaha streetcar system ties into Mutual of Omaha’s plans to build a $600 million headquarters on the former site of the W. Dale Clark Library, which is being demolished.

Mutual officials said the streetcar system was critical to their plans to build the company’s headquarters. Not only does Mutual appreciate its new building on the streetcar line, but the streetcar system is expected to add value to the redevelopment of Mutual’s current Midtown campus, a factor that will help the costly project work financially.

On the current timeline, construction would occur from 2024 to 2025, with the tramway opening and operating sometime in 2026., 402-444-1067

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