Police are conducting free vehicle inspections at Bexley Car Care – The Columbus Dispatch on November 19 | CarTailz

To help drivers avoid tickets for broken taillights and other maintenance issues, the Bexley Police Department is working with local businesses to conduct free vehicle inspections on November 19 from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. at Bexley Car Care, 2140 E. Livingston Ave .

The partnership with Bexley Car Care is part of the expansion of the department’s Project Taillight program, which uses city funds to help pay for drivers’ car maintenance issues that would otherwise result in a fine, said Bexley Police Chief Gary Lewis.

Gary Lewis, Bexley Police Chief

“This was an initiative that the mayor launched this summer that really focused on people being pulled over for defects in motor vehicles – headlights, taillights, etc,” Lewis said at the May 8 Bexley City Council meeting. November.

Bexley Car Care has “offered to make their facility available to us, where we will have individuals come in, have their vehicles inspected, and work with the city to fix these issues at our expense.”

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