Des Moines Public Works is asking for more money to prioritize road repairs – Des Moines Register | CarTailz

Des Moines director of public works asks the city council to spend the highest amount of its budget each year to help maintain the city’s 2,200 miles of road network and improve its ratings.

From small cracks to tire-sized potholes, director of public works Jonathan Gano said work to maintain Des Moines’ road system is never-ending. And as the pavement ages, road conditions inevitably deteriorate.

While the city has multiple tools for upkeep and maintenance, Gano said, investing in streets before they start to deteriorate can save the city from reaching a point where they need “expensive intervention.”

“It’s one of the few pieces of city services that almost everyone accesses every day,” Gano told city council members at a work session Monday. “It’s something that literally crosses everyone’s mind as soon as they drive down the driveway. We want this experience to be as smooth, safe and reliable for everyone.”

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