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MEXICO CITY, November 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In the current global trend of digitization, many companies are facing a challenge in exploring digital transformation: As services continue to expand and deepen, the amount of data increases exponentially, imposing stricter requirements on network bandwidth, data processing and operations – and maintenance options. However, the infrastructure inherited from the internet age could not meet the demands.

Building an ICT infrastructure suitable for current and next-generation digital technologies and completing the “cross-generational transition” of digitalization are top priorities for many companies. Recently, H3C won the tender of ATIZAPAN C2 vehicle image acquisition and processing system project from JOMTEL TELECOMUNICACIONES in Mexico. It only took three months to complete the delivery, commissioning and installation of multiple highly configured servers, switches and other equipment, which helped the new Jomtel system to be rolled out on time, and strong support for the local promotion of traffic management digitization and combating hazards offered driving behavior and ensuring national security.

A new problem for the incumbent mobile giants: how to complete the “intergenerational leap”.

It is understood that Jomtel has focused on the integration of wireless communication in Mexico serving local government and private companies for 25 years. The business includes the design, sale, installation and maintenance of systems such as security systems, wireless communications and visual signals. Vehicle image acquisition and processing systems are one of its reference products with over 200 projects delivered.

In general, vehicle image acquisition and processing refers to viewing, recording, reproducing, calling and storing real-time faces, license plates and other information, as well as automatically identifying images and triggering alarms by mobile Internet video surveillance speeding and other potential addressing dangerous driver behaviors, which is an important direction for the digital transformation of traffic management.

But established players like Jomtel have been facing new problems since 2021: with the development of mexico Economy, urbanization and the increase in car ownership have increased the information collected by traffic management departments exponentially, and the data sources and forms have become more varied and complex. Traditional ICT devices have insufficient computing power, cumbersome operation and backward network operation, and security protection technology, which cannot meet the new traffic management needs.

Jomtel recognized that building infrastructure and software systems compatible with the present and future of mexico Traffic development for the leap from “Internet Age” to “Digital Age” is the key to business development. Due to a number of problems such as B. the limited support capacity of old suppliers and difficulties with the global ICT delivery capacity, the system gets stuck with the “refreshing”.

With outstanding advantages in computing and network, H3C offers the “optimal solution”

In order to implement the system upgrade and iteration as soon as possible, Jomtel launched an open tender for the ATIZAPAN C2 vehicle image acquisition and processing system project. After several months of testing and selection, H3C out China stood out. colleagues Mexico office not only came out on top many times, completed the test within a week, but also delivered better results than other competitors.

It is revealed that H3C’s winning proposal will introduce its own two advanced products, namely the H3C UniServer R4900 G5 Server and the H3C S6520X Switch.

In terms of data processing, the H3C UniServer R4900 G5 server’s highly configured hardware provides robust performance for increasing data volumes, allowing Jomtel to handle data expansion and the management and analysis of structured, unstructured and semi-structured data in the current situation of multiple and complex data easily. In addition, the operation and maintenance management of the server is more intelligent, convenient and visual, and the advantages of multiple parallel tasks and multi-device compatibility greatly reduce operational complexity, making Jomtel staff more proficient in backstage operations.

In terms of network management, the H3C S6520X switch enables O&M management to enter the “intelligent and visual age” that makes network statutes and access devices clear at a glance. In addition, it has the advantages of high availability and sufficient redundancy protection to avoid the risk of “all services being disrupted if a single node fails”. In addition, it is characterized by flexible networking and facilitates the later expansion and development of related services.

It is noteworthy that Jomtel is also a prominent member of ALAS, the Latin American Security Association, which implies higher information security requirements. The solution provided by H3C includes hardware encryption features such as message encryption, attack and tamper protection, providing Jomtel with an equivalent security guarantee for government agencies.

With Fast Project Execution H3C ICT Products “Commissioned Overseas”

After winning the Jomtel ATIZAPAN C2 vehicle image acquisition and processing system project, H3C’s representative office in Mexico ran quickly, and even the headquarters have mobilized resources at home and abroad to ensure the supply. It successfully delivered three batches of 20 high-configuration servers within three months, which helped Jomtel’s new vehicle imaging and processing system to go online on time, and laid a solid foundation for the hardware and software for the Mexican government to modernize traffic management.

H3C adheres to the global strategy of “channel first, win-win cooperation”. Mexico The representative office has won the high recognition of many distributors and customers, including Jomtel, in a short time after its establishment. Up to now, H3C has established 12 overseas branches, certified more than 1,000 global partners and more than 200 global service partners. Its global service delivery can cover 135 countries, which has provided H3C with a solid foundation to conduct overseas business.

According to H3C, the demand for ICT infrastructure and software services will explode as the digitization trend is widely recognized Mexico and Latin America. The tender for the Jomtel project was a good start for deeper cooperation in the region. In the future, H3C will continue to support distributors and customers Latin America to accelerate the pace of digital transformation and help more people take advantage of technology in their work and life.


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