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In Greensboro, North Carolina, the average cost of minimum coverage car insurance is $449 per year, while full coverage is $1,392 per year, or $16 per month. Drivers looking for the best cheap auto insurance Greensboro has to offer should consider getting quotes from Geico, State Farm, or the North Carolina Farm Bureau. These three carriers offer some of the cheapest average auto insurance rates in Greensboro based on research by Bankrate.

The best cheap car insurance in Greensboro

Geico, State Farm, and North Carolina Farm Bureau offer some of the best cheap auto insurance for Greensboro drivers to consider, according to data from Quadrant Information Services. If you’re looking for minimum coverage, some of the cheapest airlines include Nationwide, State Farm, and Geico. Listed annual premiums, as well as third party rankings, financial strength ratings, cover types, discounts and availability are among the factors used to determine the Bankrate Score. Developed by Bankrate, this five-point scaling system can help you quickly rate a company and compare carriers when purchasing auto insurance.

geiko 4.8 843/1,000 $901 $337
district farm 4.6 855/1,000 $938 $331
North Carolina Bureau of Agriculture 3.6 844/1,000 $1,071 $356
nationwide 4.4 850/1,000 $1,145 $320
eries 4.6 868/1,000 $1,146 $417


Geico often makes the “Best of” list for its combination of low rates and high customer reviews. Greensboro drivers will find that Geico’s average premiums are significantly lower than the city average, even though optional supplemental coverage is limited with this airline. Policyholders can save even more on premiums through potential rebates for members of partner companies and organizations, including members of the military. However, Geico has the lowest JD Power score on our list, indicating some customers may not be happy with the service.

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district farm

State Farm sells policies through a network of independent agents, so it could be a good choice for drivers who want to work face-to-face with a local agent. The airline has 23 agents in the Greensboro area. State Farm has a high JD Power Score for customer satisfaction and the highest possible financial strength rating from AM Best. While State Farm scores above average in the Southeast region, it offers few optional coverages and discounts that may not prove to be the right fit for needs of all drivers.

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North Carolina Bureau of Agriculture

The North Carolina Farm Bureau rounds out the top 3 cheapest auto insurance agencies in Greensboro, but you must be a member of the Farm Bureau to use the rates. The carrier offers basic auto insurance coverage, but excels at agricultural insurance products. Although the North Carolina Farm Bureau may have affordable prices, it scores a few points below the industry average in the Southeast region in terms of customer satisfaction and has the lowest Bankrate Score on our Greensboro list.


Drivers in Greensboro, North Carolina may also consider Nationwide auto insurance. This airline has some of the cheapest minimum coverage fares in the region, but it has one of the most expensive full coverage fares on our list. To keep car insurance costs down, Nationwide offers a variety of savings options, including the SmartRide and SmartMiles programs. For drivers who wish to customize their policy, Nationwide offers accident forgiveness and deductible options based on location. It also received an above-average JD Power rating in the Southeast region.

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Erie Insurance has the highest JD Power customer satisfaction rating of any auto insurance company in Greensboro on our list and ranks third in the Southeast region. Erie collision damage waiver insurance includes free extras like veterinary costs if your pet is injured in an accident, auto glass repair, and locksmith services if you’re locked out of your car. However, those extras still come at a price, with Erie being the most expensive airline on our list. Luckily, the company’s Rate Lock feature could help keep your rates consistent over time.

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How to get and keep the cheapest auto insurance in Greensboro

Getting the cheapest auto insurance in Greensboro is one thing, keeping it is another. If you follow these tips, you may be able to maintain cheap prices. These tips can also be helpful in other federal states.

  • To get cheap car insurance, you should compare quotes from multiple car insurance carriers. Comparing offers with the same coverage options can help you determine the cheapest provider for your coverage needs. If you’re not sure what type and amount of coverage you need, speaking to an independent broker can help you narrow your search and get quotes.
  • To keep cheap car insurance, keep a clean driving record. Perhaps one of the easiest ways to keep your car insurance rates down is to keep a clean driving record. This could help you avoid rate hikes. Also, by avoiding speeding tickets and at-fault accidents, you may be eligible for safe driving discounts or telematics programs.

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