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Compared to conventional tyres, the Vredestein Quatrac Pro EV offers superior handling and stability, significantly lower rolling resistance and a smoother and more comfortable ride.

Apollo Tires has launched the Vredestein Quatrac Pro EV, which is said to be Europe’s first all-season tire specifically designed for battery electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles.

Compared to conventional tyres, the Vredestein Quatrac Pro EV offers superior handling and stability, significantly lower rolling resistance and a smoother and more comfortable ride. It also has a lighter construction and a lower environmental impact during production.

The tires will initially be available in seven sizes for 18- and 19-inch rims, with 12 additional sizes coming next year, including 17- and 20-inch options.

15% less rolling resistance
Apollo Tires says significant research and development efforts have been invested to ensure the tire contributes to the vehicle’s overall efficiency and maximizes the achievable range. Rolling resistance is said to be 15% lower thanks to a carefully optimized blend of fourth generation polymers and ‘smart’ silica for the tread compound, rim pad and Vredestein’s highest-performing non-EV all-season tire carcass. Vehicle efficiency is also improved by the tyre’s weight-saving construction, which features thinner sidewalls, a lower sidewall crown and lighter belt and cap materials.

The tire offers superior cornering stability and 6% improved driving performance compared to its all-season siblings – ideal for handling the increased torque and vehicle weight typical of modern electric vehicles. The driving characteristics of the Quatrac Pro EV are improved by a new asymmetrical tread design, stiffer tread blocks and a robust construction.

Several structural features have been specifically introduced to handle the increased mass of EVs and the resulting increased loads they generate during cornering and acceleration. For example, the new tire’s outer shoulder is wider than the inner shoulder to resist lateral deflection, and the outer flanks of the main longitudinal grooves are much steeper to resist deflection with increasing cornering forces.

The Quatrac Pro EV is the first all-season tire ever produced to be certified with the HL mark, which means suitability for “high loads” (variant 255/40 R 20). This confirms that the tire can carry 10% more weight than a reinforced “Extra Load” (XL) tire at the same pressure.

Ready for use all year round
The new EV tire features the “Three Peak Mountain Snowflake” symbol on its sidewall, confirming its all-weather performance and proficiency in winter conditions. The sipes are deeper than typical for an all-season tire to allow controlled movement of the tread blocks to aid in snow grip and traction throughout its life.

The high percentage of silica in the tread, coupled with stiffer blocks and interconnected ‘bridges’ at the shoulders, combine to deliver high levels of wet and dry braking – the latter measured at 4% better than the equivalent non-EV All-season Vredestein tires.

In addition to real-world testing on a variety of road surfaces, the Apollo Tires team used computer simulation and AI-based acoustic modeling to give the Quatrac Pro EV an optimal sequence of “pitches” – the repeating pattern of tread blocks – that produce a less intrusive noise signature different speeds. The result is a 1dB reduction in exterior noise compared to a vehicle fitted with an equivalent non-EV Vredestein all-season tyre.

In addition, the tire offers 5% better ride comfort due to its lighter construction and a “flex zone” in the sidewall, which ensures a high level of inherent compliance on poor quality roads.

sustainable production

When developing the Vredestein Quatrac Pro EV, Apollo Tires’ R&D department considered both the energy required and the carbon that would be emitted during production. Compared to its regular all-season tyres, the new Quatrac Pro EV has a 17% lower environmental impact (measured as global warming potential of CO2) – contributing to a lower life cycle CO2 impact.

The Quatrac Pro EV is produced at Apollo Tires’ two European production facilities in Enschede in the Netherlands and Gyongyoshalasz in Hungary.

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