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No more empty batteries? Jump start is a thing of the past? That’s the promise of Optima CPR technology.

The Optima battery has finally entered the lithium age with a new colour. The ORANGETOP series is a lithium iron phosphate (LFP) chemistry starter battery that packs as much brains as it does brawn.

A trusted name for decades, Optima was one of the pioneers of sealed lead acid technology. Its colorful REDTOP, YELLOWTOP and BLUETOP batteries are a common sight under the hoods of muscle cars, motor boats and ATVs. The newest ORANGETOP addition to the family is Optima’s smartest offspring to date.

The classic Optima REDTOP vehicle starter battery; (Photo/Optima)

Optima ORANGETOP lithium batteries

Lithium batteries have a higher energy density than lead-acid batteries. That means they pack the same power with less weight in a smaller package. Lithium often has a longer lifespan than lead. Even if you pay more up front, it will last longer and can save you money in the long run.

Lithium cells are also 100% sealed and Optima ORANGETOP is waterproof to IP67. You don’t have to worry about outgassing or acid leakage like some lead-acid batteries, which means you can even mount them in the passenger compartment. They can also be mounted in any orientation as there is no risk of leakage.

Optima Orangetop lithium battery

ORANGETOP Lithium Brains

While lead-acid batteries are a “dumb” technology, lithium batteries require some brains. To prevent damage, lithium packs require a battery management system (BMS) to babysit the cells. The BMS is a tiny computer that shuts down the pack when it gets too weak or when it’s not charging properly.

The BMS has some great features besides protecting your cells – it can protect you too. Lead-acid batteries can spark violently and possibly cause burns if the terminals are shorted. An intelligent BMS detects short circuit events and prevents discharge from occurring.


Empty battery warning light

Even more intelligently, Optima’s CPR technology can bring your “dead” car back to life. Have you ever left an interior light on only to find your car won’t start the next day? Parasitic power draws like lights are a common cause of dead batteries.

The Optima ORANGETOP CPR technology detects these loads and disconnects from the vehicle when the cells are under-discharged. This is a very clever trick and we can’t believe no other company has pulled it off!

The ORANGETOP retains just enough juice to start your car when you come back. No more dead batteries.

That means you’ll never have to beg for jumper cables in the middle of an office again blizzard where the only thing colder than your toes is the icy stare of your mom in the front seat, late to her bridge game. Priceless, right?!

Or consider it one holiday gift for your spouse. You’ll never be out in the cold waiting for you to pop up with a jump on a cold night after work. Bonus, you win because you don’t have to go out on a cold night and provide said jump.

Optima orange top
(Photo/Weistec Engineering)

Lithium for all toys

Optima Lithium ORANGETOP batteries are not just for cars, SUVs and trucks as they are a great solution for 95% of your life powersports toy also. The lithium weight difference is very noticeable on lighter vehicles UTV’s and motorcycles.

The entire Optima ORANGETOP range includes sizes from 3 Ah to 15 Ah with 190-800 cold start amps starting power.

Optima ORANGETOP: prices and availability


We eagerly await price information from Optima. But we do know that ORANGETOP batteries should be on US store shelves by February 2023.

I would have liked an ORANGETOP on my dual sport bike on my last trip. The CPR feature would have saved me from having to pull out a toolkit in the mud to get to my battery, which was running low because — you guessed it — I left my lights on.

We hope Orange executes as well as Optima would suggest. This is the product we didn’t know we missed for many years. keep an eye on it website for updates and where to buy one yourself.

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