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The service manager at an auto repair shop in Henrico, Virginia, helps a homeless man who makes a living from his car and cannot afford to have his car repaired. The world needs more acts of kindness like this.

Wallace AutomotiveBill Dickinson

WWBT News 12 reported on an act of kindness in the community of Henrico, Virginia that is very refreshing for the time we live in.

Eric Tucker, manager of Wallace Automotive, is not only the service manager at an auto repair shop, but also a good person that any man would wish for as a best friend.

That’s because he’s fair and honest with his customers. He did something very touching for a homeless person in need.

WWBT News 12 reports that most people find Eric Tucker at the Wallace Automotive front desk with a smile on his face. He does almost everything in the shop except work on the cars.

The next picture shows him talking to a Wallace Automotive senior and customer.


Eric Tucker helps a customerWWBT News 12

Service Manager Eric Tucker spoke to WWBT News 12 after being nominated for the Acts of Kindness segment.

He said:

“I just like talking to people. I don’t feel like I’m doing anything extra. I’m just myself.” -Eric Tucker, manager at Wallace Automotive (Source: WWBT News 12)

Eric was doing what he usually does when he crossed paths with a lucky man who made a living from his car.

Homeless man living off his car ends up at Wallace Automotive

Concerned sister Angela Morrell shared the story of her brother who had relocated from Roanoke to Richmond, Virginia.


Angela MorellWWBT News 12

She told WWBT News 12 her family tried to help her brother by paying for hotels for two to three weeks, and then he started living off his car after funding ran out. (Source: WWBT News 12)

She told WWBT News 12 when her brother’s car broke down.

“In September I put some gas in his gas tank but then he tried to start his car and the starter wouldn’t work.” -Angela Morrell, sister of a homeless man (Source: WWBT News 12)

The car was towed to Wallace Automotive, which is about 15 minutes from Richmond, VA.

The price of repairing her brother’s car was “more than her brother could afford.”

When Angela told Eric Tucker that her brother was homeless and would have trouble raising money for the repairs, Eric gave him permission to stay in the Wallace Automotive lot and use the restroom for about two weeks when the shop opened was.

He told WWBT News 12:

“I mean, we have a whole parking lot here that doesn’t really bother us. We could have had it towed somewhere else, and then he would have paid to get it off the impounded property, and then what? Then he’s out of even more money. I can’t do that to anyone.” -Eric Tucker, Manager at Wallace Automotive (Source: WWBT News 12)

While her brother stayed on the premises, Angela was able to call Eric at the store and check on her brother.

WWBT News 12 reported that her brother ended up getting his car repaired at another shop, but Angela told WWBT News 12 that the kind gesture really touched her.

She said:

“It’s incredible that a business and a company and he as a person can go that far. It was refreshing and so nice to see because my brother is going through a tough time and it’s tough. It was really nice that someone had that kindness, you know, to show them. -Angela Morrell, sister of a homeless man (Source: WWBT News 12)

Angela nominated Eric Tucker for News 12’s “Acts of Kindness” for his compassion for her brother in times of need.


Angela Morrell presents Eric Tucker with a thank you giftWWBT News 12

She said to Eric during the Acts of Kindness segment:

“We just wanted to thank you with gratitude for everything you’ve done for my brother. So I want to give you $300 and a gift card to a Mexican restaurant to say ‘thank you’.” -Angela Morrell, sister of a homeless man (Source: WWBT News 12)

Angela also updated WWBT News 12 about her brother’s situation. She said he found a part-time job himself. She got him clothes for his new job.

She said that Eric’s “good heart and the grace he offered her brother made all the difference.”

Eric Tucker’s act of kindness helped someone in need


Eric Tucker, service manager at Wallace AutomotiveWWBT News 12

Eric Tucker shared a final thought WWBT News 12 after receiving gifts from Angela Morrell.

He said:

“If I were him, I wish someone would do the same for me… Sometimes you just have to put yourself in other people’s shoes.” -Eric Tucker, Manager at Wallace Automotive (Source: WWBT News 12)

This positive message shows how a little kindness can go a long way.

We need more stories like this in the news.

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