Yorkshire mechanic who overturned his motorbike with the car could lose his arm in a sudden U-turn – but the driver was only fined £600 – The Yorkshire Post | CarTailz

Father-of-two Karlos Bingham was driving to work on the A57 near Aston when a car made a sudden U-turn around a traffic island and collided with his bike.

The 30-year-old from Aston, near Rotherham, suffered a series of injuries including spinal fractures, a fractured shoulder blade and collarbone, a fractured rib and severe damage to the nerves connecting his spine to his left arm.

The bike mechanic was taken to the Northern General Hospital in Sheffield, where he spent nearly three weeks. He has undergone a number of surgeries, including to try to repair nerve damage. He has no function in his left arm and doctors have said he may need amputation.

Karlos Bingham can no longer work as a bicycle mechanic after the accident

Karlos, who also had to give up his role as a race mechanic at GB Cycling, was unable to return to the profession.

He has now hired experienced serious injury attorneys at Irwin Mitchell to help him access the specialized rehabilitation, support and therapy he needs following his injuries.

After the driver who caused the collision was fined £660 and put seven points on his driving licence, law firm Irwin Mitchell has opened civil proceedings.

Mr Bingham’s legal team is now asking any witnesses or anyone with dash or helmcam footage of the collision or its aftermath to come forward to ensure he is given the best possible rehabilitation package.

Carlos Bingham in hospital with his daughters aged 11 and 8

The collision involving a gray VW Golf station wagon occurred around 7:40am on Wednesday April 27 near the Elmwood pub.

Stacy Clements, Irwin Mitchell’s Critical Injuries Attorney, who is representing Mr Bingham, said: “The last few months have been incredibly difficult not only for Karlos but for his family as well as they try to come to terms with the impact of the collisions and what it is mean for you.

“Karlos suffered incredibly serious injuries that will likely affect him for the rest of his life. Despite the best efforts and skill of the doctors, he faces a very uncertain future and has been told that part of his left arm will likely need to be amputated.

“The case of Karlos is a stark reminder of the consequences that vulnerable road users such as motorcyclists can face as a result of the actions of others. It is important that everyone on the streets be careful at all times.

“We are committed to supporting Karlos and helping him access the best care, support and therapy he needs. Therefore, we appeal to everyone who has more information or footage about the collision, the moments before it or its aftermath to get in touch with us. Every detail could be crucial in helping us ensure the ongoing rehabilitation and support Karlos needs to best overcome his injuries and live as independently as possible.”

Mr Bingham, who has two daughters Miley, 11, and Lilia, eight, with fiancé Beth Senior, 27, said: “I remember driving to work and the next thing I woke up was people around me lying around on the street.

“After we were in the hospital, we really realized what had happened. Beth and the girls were in tears for weeks and the clash really hit them. It’s still difficult to process how our family has changed.

“Before the crash, I liked going to work, and even when I wasn’t working, I liked being busy. I tinkered with bikes in the shed and helped local people fix their bikes.

“I’ve also worked seasonally as a race mechanic for Team GB Cycling. I had traveled across Europe and it had always been a dream to be able to do this. Having to give up such an opportunity was devastating.

“Since the collision, I have not been able to go to work or pursue my hobbies. My employer has been great with me but I’m scared if I can go back to work.

“I still have severe, persistent pain in my left arm and depend on Beth to help me button or zip up. I used to help get the girls ready for school and prided myself on being a father who could braid their hair, but now I can’t.

“I’m trying to put on a brave face but I’m worried about the future. I was the breadwinner of my family and in a split second everything changed. Not being able to support my family is a big problem, especially with the cost of living and the prices of everything going up.

“I just hope that sharing my story will remind people to be safe on the roads and to pay special attention to motorcyclists and cyclists.”

Anyone with information about the collision should contact Michaela Longland at Irwin Mitchell at [email protected] or on 0114 274 4382.

The golfer was accused of negligence. The case was tried in his absence at Sheffield Magistrates’ Court earlier this summer. The driver was also ordered to pay £110 in costs and a £66 victim’s surcharge.

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