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It’s a virtual world these days, and auto shows seem to have less interest in automakers every year, but SEMA is a notable exception. The aftermarket show is a great place for automakers to showcase their products in new ways, and Lexus aims to do so with these six unique builds for SEMA 2022. The creations range in purpose and style from a 600hp Lexus IS concept powered by a 3.5-liter twin-turbocharged V6 to a GX460 concept built for heavy-duty cross-country driving. Here are the highlights:

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Not your neighborhood IS350: Dsport IS600+

The IS600+ concept is based on the IS350 F Sport, but now delivers more than 600hp from the 3.5-litre, twin-turbocharged six-cylinder engine it inherits from an LS500. Or at least when it’s filled with E85 fuel.

A special four-point roll cage was integrated to stiffen the chassis and allow for improved KW coilovers. Carbon-ceramic brakes from the RC F were added, while the rear seats were removed and the hood and trunk were replaced with carbon versions from Seibon.

The front seats were replaced with Sparco seats and harnesses to save weight and provide a more secure connection to the car.

Sidewalk queen: LX600 Urban Concept

Built by Annex Marketing to fill the evergreen market of people who live in an urban environment but want an off-road capable vehicle only in the event of. We get it. We were those people too. This particular LX600 features both an Artisan Spirits body kit and exhaust system. Braking is provided by eight-piston Brembo brakes up front, while the Satin Bronze HREs are wrapped in a set of 285/40R-24 Proxes ST III all-season tires.

Bigfoot Hunter: LX600 Alpine lifestyle concept

Did Lexus Collaborate With The Abominable Snowman? Not quite. It’s partnered with Hiraku to add things like Rigid Industries’ 10-gauge “Modular Dissent Off-Road Body Armor System,” carbon over fenders, and lighting, among others. Lexus has also partnered with outdoor brand Yeti to add items like LoadOut GoBoxes, Tundra coolers and Trailhead camp chairs (pictured above). We would love to have one of these for our next Bigfoot hunting expedition.

Overlander: Cruiser Outfitters GX460 Overland concept

Built by Cruiser Outfitters and based on the 2022 GX460 Blackline Edition, the GX460 Overland Concept is ready to conquer the unknown. The Overland concept features a Warn self-salvage winch and a set of 275/65R-18 Toyo Open Country MT tires, which should be enough to get you out of most sticky situations. A 40-inch Rigid Radiance lightbar casts light from the top of the vehicle, while a 20-inch bar radiates from the grille. The skid plates, roof rack and rocker guards are all from CBI Offroad, and the suspension has been upgraded from Old Man Emu to increase ground clearance and accommodate the weight of the gear.

Serious overlanding requires serious storage solutions. The GX460 has that covered. The roof rack offers space for the roof tent as well as a little extra storage space. What doesn’t fit above will find its way into Goose Gear’s drawers or anywhere between ARB Air Compressor, Traction Boards, Recovery Gear, Air Down and Fridge/Freezer. Not to mention the Kaon kitchen system built right into the back of the Overland concept, complete with a fold-down table and crockery.

Metallic purple: RX500h F Sport

Largely what makes this a SEMA car is the Matte Violet Metallic wrap, which Lexus calls “flashy” in a feat of understatement. The RX for SEMA also gets 22-inch Rays wheels with Michelin Pilot Sport tires. The RX500h F Sport is the top performance model of the 2023 RX range, which was presented earlier this year.

Anticipate the future: Lexus Electrified Sport

The Lexus Electrified Sport is the SEMA concept that heralds the future. Developed by the automaker’s Calty design outpost in California, the electric Lexus will (possibly) have solid-state batteries, a range of 430 miles and the ability to hit 60 mph in “the low two-second range.” It also looks good.

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