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What I love about e-bikes is that you don’t have to put them on bike racks as often. Since they take you much faster and further than an acoustic bike, you simply drive to the bike path instead of carrying the bike there on your car.

However, there are definitely times when carrying an e-bike on a car rack is necessary, and the added weight and different geometries of an e-bike make it impossible or dangerous to mount it with traditional bike racks. This is where a new generation of bike racks comes in, blurring the lines between bike racks and motorcycle racks. Today we’re looking at the Hollywood Destination E-Bike Rack, which comes in at a solid price of $699.99.

First of all, the Hollywood Destination E-Bike Rack comes almost fully assembled in the box and only takes a few minutes to tighten some screws and attach some straps. It fits into the 2″ hitch I installed on my Tesla Model Y. While it doesn’t offer walkthrough lighting (nor is it legally required to do so), it does offer a variety of safety features that will keep you from pinching a finger.

The main thing that strikes me here is the high quality, durable parts, but it’s also nice to see very eco-friendly packaging with just a few plastic zip ties and bags. With only a few parts to assemble it becomes less daunting to put together and my teenage son and I had it attached to the car in 15 minutes.

You’ll really notice the extra weight over a traditional bike rack, even a four slot acoustic bike rack. At 46 pounds, fitting it into the hitch isn’t trivial, but probably my favorite part about this hitch, and the biggest upgrade over my previous bike rack, is the patented no wobble hitch system. That’s a fancy term for bolt tensioner, and it made a world of difference to my old bike rack, which wobbled when I rode it.

The kit also includes an easy to store ramp to lift heavy e-bikes off and on the rack. Below I place the Luna X-2 (which weighs about 42 pounds) on the rack.

To be honest I won’t be using the telescopic ramp as I’m able to lift most e-bikes onto and off the rack a meter off the ground, but I imagine smaller folks might find this useful . It would also be useful for me with something like a Sur Ron, although technically the rack is only designed for two 70-pound bikes. I unofficially tried two 100lb Juiced e-bikes and everything seemed fine. But for medium to long tours I would stick to the guidelines.

The tie down straps are super easy to attach, but it was extremely tight getting them around these 20 inch, 4 inch wide fat tire e-bikes. I don’t think the small radius of these tires was considered in the design and I hope to see a future bike rack with tighter clamps or longer straps.

While the tie-down straps would easily keep the bikes on the rack, the Hollywood Destination e-bike rack comes with two bar clamps that keep the whole thing really steady. I especially like these because they really allow for almost any shape and size of bike. However, if you have a carbon bike like the Luna X-2, consider attaching the clamps to the seatpost or other non-carbon part of the bike.

Hollywood Rack – 180 mile trip from NYC to Vermont

As I said before, this is where the no wobble clutch system came into play. Along with the clamps, it made the ride really smooth, and it was easy to forget we were hauling heavy e-bikes. Knowing we were going to lose some mileage, we drove slower than usual and only suffered about a 10% range hit compared to our normal ride up there.

Hollywood also offers keyed-alike frame and seatpost clamp locks for added security when you stop at a restaurant on a trip. When bikes are not being ridden, the rack folds flat against the back of the car and also easily unfolds for access to the back of the car.

Of course, the Hollywood Destination Rack also works great with acoustic bikes, even XL 29-inchers like the Trek Session 8 downhill bike we use in Vermont. It only takes a minute to put this thing in place and you’re ready to conquer the mountains.

Electrek’s take

I know there are some slimmer Thule and Yakima bike racks that cost upwards of $1000. But the $699 Hollywood Destination 2 E-Bike Rack really inspires confidence, boasting a very sturdy, foldable system and a smooth, wobble-free ride. If that’s too rich for your blood, they also offer $599 and $499 models.

Hollywood Destination 2 Electric Bike Rack Specifications:

  • Capacity: Two bikes (max. 70 lbs. per bike)
  • Coupling Size: 2″ only (do not use 1 ¼” – 2″ coupling adapter)
  • Includes a 46″ long ramp.
  • Maximum bike wheelbase: 50 inches
  • Maximum tire width: 4.5 inches
  • Including keyed-alike coupling bolts and lockable frame clamps
  • The “No-Wobble Hitch System” eliminates play between the receiver and the rack without the use of tools.
  • Folds flat against the car when not in use
  • Balanced Tilting feature with pivot point between the two bikes, making tilting down for cargo door access as easy as possible
  • The frame grabbers on this rack can hold step-through bikes by the seat post, so bike adapters are not required and should not be used.
  • Includes an optional fixed frame grabber for use in place of the quick release option
  • Distance between bikes: 11″
  • Rack Weight: 46 lbs.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • When used on a seat post Requirements: min. 1″ / maximum 2″
  • For bikes with a low step-through: Secure the bike around the bike’s seat post with the frame grabber on the pannier rack.
  • 4″ Strap Extension Kits sold separately: STPEXT
  • Not suitable for front linkage
  • Not to be used with 1-1/4″ – 2″ adapters
  • Do not use with a hitch extension longer than 8″
  • Not to be used on trailers, fifth wheels or towed vehicles

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