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Washing your car is an essential maintenance function that preserves the finish and exterior beauty of your car to improve your enjoyment and the car’s resale value. While washing a car in the summer is easy, washing it in the winter is often a challenge, especially in colder climates. If you drive your vehicle on roads affected by winter snow and ice, it is important to wash your car shortly after clearing the roads to avoid corrosion caused by salt-based treatments that affect driving to make safer. Even if washing your car in winter isn’t fun, these tips should make the job easier.

Don’t forget these winter car wash tips

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The following eight tips from JD Power aim to make an otherwise dreaded winter chore just that little bit easier. Of course, in addition to washing the outside of your car, you should also clean the inside, including vacuuming the carpet and wiping interior surfaces like door sills, seats, and the dashboard. But for now let’s focus on washing the exterior of your car when it’s cold outside.

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