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LOVE SUN PLACES: The Ancient Brothers Masonic Lodge will be hosting their third annual Toy Drive in support of LA PAL on November 25th (Black Friday).

Toys and winter outerwear can be dropped off that day between 6:00 am and 4:30 pm at the Auburn Masonic Hall at 1021 Turner St. in Auburn. Please come out and help us make the holidays bright for our community.

We need building toys like Legos and models, games for all ages (older kids like Uno and Apples to Apples), science projects; bedroom decor and DIY room decor projects for teens; chargers, headphones and earbuds for electronic devices; soccer balls, basketballs and soccer balls; stuffed animals, dolls, action figures, ice skates, sleds and inflatable inner tubes; Winter boots and lined waterproof gloves. Thank you for your support. — Stephen, Auburn

REPLY: I hope that you will take part in this event. If you can, please share your happiness by donating to this toy drive so that all children in the community can have some fun during the holidays and beyond.

LOVE SUNSPOT: I have two vintage Tonka Trucks that I would love to have restored for my grandson. Do you know where I can have them sandblasted and repainted? — Wendy, no city

REPLY: That sounds like a fun project! There are DIY videos on YouTube and here is an example:

Are there readers in Sun Spot’s land with the ability, equipment, and willingness to take on this project for Wendy? My dad used to do this behind the scenes in his body shop, so I was wondering if anyone with those skills could help.

Please write if you are interested in helping Wendy surprise her grandson.

DEAR SUN PLACES: In Maine, if someone is involved in an accident and destroys public property such as a traffic sign, guard rail, or utility line, they will be charged the replacement cost or the state or municipality where the damage occurred is deemed to replace this will try to collect from the responsible person? If no attempt is made to move in, why is that acceptable? – Cal, Litchfield

REPLY: If you have auto insurance with collision protection, you can also add additional property damage insurance to your policy.

Most states have laws that require drivers to have some form of property damage insurance to cover damage to another driver’s car in an accident. Additionally, there is a common property damage practice where, for example, the city bills the at-fault driver for repairs, labor, and engineering costs for damaged property.

While most states require you to carry a certain amount of property damage coverage on your auto policy, property damage claims can reach up to $100,000, especially when it involves municipal, provincial, or state property. So it’s good to have far more.

Traffic signs and lights, fire hydrants, street signs, paring meters, crash barriers, mailboxes, utility poles, medians, curbs and sidewalks are examples of what you and your insurance company may be charged for.

Check what your car insurance covers and pay the premium for the extra charge. You may need it one day and be very glad you have it.

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