Wreck-to-Rideshare: Meet the Man Who Fixes Uber and Lyft Drivers’ Cars – Mission Local | CarTailz

The right rear end of the Lexus is mangled, its parts exposed as haphazardly as a crash victim on a stretcher. Benny Huang knows the mechanical mess well.

“Half of our customers are Uber and Lyft drivers,” one of his salespeople told Mission Local over the phone. OK, maybe not halfbut for his A&K Supreme Auto Shop in South South San Francisco, they’ve become increasingly important.

Huang, 36, an immigrant from Guangdong Province, China, started out in a law firm’s mailroom like many other Chinese immigrants in the area. There, an experienced paralegal helped him master negotiation skills with auto insurance companies. That was his entry when A&K opened in 2018.

In the beginning he mainly bought and sold used cars to international students. But those students, by and large, left during the pandemic, and an influx of rideshares, nearly a hundred a year, partially bailed out Huang’s business.

Its most recent clients have provided Huang with a unique collection of ridesharing data.

The most popular ride-sharing car? The Lexus ES 300h, the most fuel-efficient model to qualify as a luxury vehicle on Uber and Lyft.

mileage per year? 100,000 on average. At first glance, this seems comparable to the 80,000 to 125,000 miles a year that a full-time truck driver drives, but factor in the city’s congestion and the time wasted waiting for orders and drivers, and the Mileage becomes grueling.

Huang calculates that a driver who clocks up 100,000 miles a year spends at least 12 hours a day just driving. He is incredulous, but knows that some cases are more extreme. “There was this one Uber [and Lyft] Driver who drove 250,000 miles or 125,000 miles per year in the two years between 2020 and 2022,” Huang said in his nondescript jacket and jeans.

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