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With thousands of mobile and stationary locations across the country, there is bound to be at least one Safelite AutoGlass store near you. In this Safelite review, our research experts examine whether the country’s largest auto glass service provider is one of the best.

We took an in-depth look at what services the company offers, how much those services cost, and what customers think about them. Here’s how Safelite compares to the top auto glass suppliers in the country.

Safelite AutoGlass – as the company is officially called – is the country’s largest auto glass service provider with more than 700 locations across the country. Based in Columbus, Ohio, the company also claims more than 7,800 MobileGlassShops™ that come to you for auto glass repair, replacement and recalibration.

What we like about Safelite

Safelite promises a reliable service, backed by its strong ratings from industry experts like the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The company also differentiates itself by using proprietary adhesives like its exclusive GlassHealer™ resin and technologies like TrueSeal System that guides new windshields into position.

Safelite pros and cons

Safelite Services

Safelite offers one of the widest selections of auto glass services in the industry. Each location of the company usually offers the following:

  • Windshield replacement
  • Crack and chip repair
  • Rear window replacement
  • Replacement of car windows
  • Repair of electric windows
  • Recalibration of advanced security systems

What Safelite can fix

A wide range of auto glass services means Safelite can fix most auto glass issues including:

  • Cracked windshield
  • rockfall
  • Stuck window
  • Miscalibration of the driver assistance system (ADAS).
  • Broken windows

How to use Safelite

Arranging auto glass services with Safelite is relatively easy. The company offers a free quote form on its website to get a quote for your service. To take advantage of this, you must provide either the exact make, model, year and trim level of your vehicle, or your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). You can also call a location near you to make an appointment. Most Safelite locations offer same day and next day service where possible.

When you need auto glass work, you have two options for hiring Safelite AutoGlass service:

  • appointment on site: Safelite reports that they have more than 700 repair and replacement facilities nationwide, with locations in every state. You can visit the Safelite website to find a facility near you.
  • Mobile Appointment: For your convenience, Safelite has more than 7,000 MobileGlassShops that travel to your home, office or any other place that works for you. The company says the quality you get with a mobile appointment is the same as what you get in person.

Either way, your technician will need to remove your windshield wipers and rearview mirror to complete a new windshield installation.

Lifetime Safelite Guarantee

Safelite glass replacement parts are backed by the company’s lifetime warranty. The warranty states that windshields and windows are covered against defects in material or workmanship for as long as you own the vehicle in which the glass is installed. The only requirement is that you notify Safelite of a defect within 30 days of discovering the damage.

The warranty does not cover leaks, stress cracks or related damage on vehicles that show damage or rust at the pinch weld. In addition, damage that is not due to processing or material defects is excluded from the guarantee.

Safelite glass recycling policy

Safelite AutoGlass recycles windows and windshields to protect the environment for future generations. Since 2012, the company has recycled more than six million windshields, keeping more than 107,000 tons of material out of landfills.

Safelite cost

The cost of Safelite auto glass services depends on a few key factors about you and your vehicle, meaning costs can vary widely. In general, a windshield replacement costs between $200 and $500 on average, but can fall slightly outside of that range for a number of reasons.

Cost factors for the auto glass service

There are several variables that affect the cost of auto glass services from Safelite and other providers. These include:

  • kind of car: The exact make, model and year of your car will determine the replacement glass and other materials needed for the service, which will affect your payment. Auto glass repair for luxury brands like Mercedes-Benz or BMW usually costs more than for more mainstream brands like Toyota, Ford or Honda.
  • type of damage: Some cracks and chips can be repaired while others require complete replacement. Where the damage is on the glass pane can also affect the cost of repair or replacement.
  • Windshield Technology: Front or rear glass that uses integrated technology such as ADAS systems typically costs significantly more to repair and replace than standard windshields.
  • replacement glass type: Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) glass typically costs more than parts from an aftermarket manufacturer.
  • Your location: Market prices and other factors play a part in the cost of your auto glass service.
  • location of damage: Costs also vary depending on which glass panel needs servicing. Repairing or replacing your front or rear window usually costs a different price than your side windows.

Safelite discounts

An attractive feature of Safelite are the discounts that the company offers on its services. The provider’s website lists the following discounts via promo codes:

  • $45 off windshield replacement service
  • $15 off windshield repair service

Safelite may have other savings opportunities not listed on their website, so it’s worth checking with your local store about other available discounts before completing your service request.

Is Safelite insured?

Depending on your auto policy, your insurance company may cover the full cost of auto glass repair or replacement minus your deductible.

Safelite Ratings

Safelite has an A+ rating from the BBB, indicating that the company handles customer complaints and issues well. The provider is also accredited by the organization. However, reviews from Safelite customers tend to be mixed, with low ratings on both the BBB website (1.2 stars out of 5.0) and on Trustpilot (1.5 stars out of 5.0).

It is important to remember that Safelite locations are franchised, which means that two different locations can be managed very differently – even within the same city or municipality. Local assessment results for individual locations can provide more context.

Positive Safelite reviews

Quality work and fast service are common themes in positive reviews from Safelite customers. Many report that technicians have completed a job faster than expected with very satisfactory results.

The following comment reflects many of the positive reviews online:

The technicians finished the job much earlier than I expected and my window is now in perfect condition. I can’t say enough good things about this place!– Brooke S., BBB

Negative Safelite reviews

Safelite reviews from dissatisfied customers usually mention communication issues, such as B. Difficulties in making appointments or contacting you by phone.

This comment echoes many of the negative reviews online:

“I tried every way I could to contact Safelite to find out which location best suited my needs. … But unless I chose a location and made an appointment, there was no way I could find out that information. The customer care number just forwards you online.” – Lorrie C., BBB

Safelite Review: Conclusion

Safelite offers a wide range of auto glass services at thousands of locations across the country, making it an option for most people. While prices tend to be higher than average, the company’s lifetime warranty and use of only premium materials can provide peace of mind.

Safelite Review: Recommended Competitors

Safelite AutoGlass is a solid option for almost any auto glass service, but it’s not the only one. Other providers may offer you a better price or be more responsive to your needs.

We recommend getting free quotes from multiple providers and comparing them to find the best deal. The following two companies made our list of the top five auto glass companies and are good places to look for quotes.

Glass Doctor: Best overall

With locations in 43 states, Glass Doctor is a national automotive glass service provider. A unique feature that sets the company apart is their windshield protection plan, which is included with their windshield replacement service. The plan covers future windshield repairs or a single replacement for 12 months, with some exceptions.

Auto glass now: Best value for money

Those who want to get the best price on their auto glass service should get a quote from Auto Glass Now. The company offers price matches for its services, which means that in most cases it will match a competitor’s offers. This makes it one of the most affordable options out there.


To provide consumers with accurate and unbiased information, our team of experts collects data from dozens of vendors to create rankings of the best auto glass companies. We have developed a standardized methodology based on the aspects that matter most to car owners to ensure detailed, accurate and objective reviews. Organizations receive a score in each of the following categories, as well as a weighted overall score of 5.0 stars.

  • Costs: Our team solicited quotes from auto glass suppliers and evaluated available discounts to determine each company’s cost relative to the market average.
  • Services: We rated providers based on the number and variety of services they offer.
  • Availability: Our researchers took into account how many locations a provider serves to determine how easily drivers can access their services.
  • customer experience: We’ve trawled through hundreds of online reviews and developed proprietary metrics to put customer reviews into context, allowing us to get a more accurate picture of the customer experience.
  • reputation of the industry: Our team analyzed each company’s ratings from rating organizations such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB) ​​to assess its position in the auto glass industry.

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