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Did you know that over 11,000 car accidents are caused by a flat tire each year? It’s more common than most drivers realize.

Because of this, it’s important to understand how bad tires affect your chances of getting into an accident. Knowing how tires cause accidents helps all drivers realize how important tire health is to their safety.

We’ve put together a quick guide to give you all the flat tire information you need. Read on to find out more!

Common types of tire failures

One of the best ways to avoid flat tire accidents is to recognize the signs of both flat tires and worn tires. Both cause a lot of problems and pose a risk to your safety every time you get behind the wheel.

Tire checks therefore play a major role in vehicle safety.

You should be on the lookout for all of the different imperfections that are common in tires, including:

  • Worn treads
  • Incorrect air pressure level
  • Worn suspension
  • Poor quality rubber
  • bubble gum
  • cracks
  • tread separation

You should inspect the condition of your tires frequently so that you can replace tires before they become a problem. Although some defects are not so noticeable, a quick check still makes a significant contribution to ensuring that you are on the road safely. As soon as you notice something wrong with your tire, make sure it’s fixed right away.

Keep up with regular maintenance to keep your tires in top condition whenever you drive.

Types of accidents caused by defective tires

Now that you know more about the types of tire defects to look out for, it’s time to learn more about how these tires cause accidents. Because tires play such an important role in keeping your car safe on the road, many accidents caused by bad tires can result in serious injury.

Find out more about accidents caused by faulty tires below.

loss of vehicle control

One of the main causes of these types of accidents is when the driver loses control of their car. Tires are the unsung villains of this problem because tires are a car’s way of maintaining control of the road.

A combination of speed, weight and traction keeps the car under your control. If any of these components are compromised, every move of the steering wheel becomes a gamble.

Tires with no tread are one of the most common issues that cause this problem. When the tread wears too much, it becomes a hazard to all road users. The car will start skidding and skidding at any moment, making it difficult to stay on track.

Bad weather conditions make it even more dangerous. Rain and snow make driving difficult. Without proper treads, your chance of getting into an accident increases even more.

Low treads are not the only cause of loss of control. Worn wheel suspensions, for example, make it more difficult for the wheels to react to steering movements. Your movements may not be sufficient to negotiate a sharp turn, or you may be cornering with too much force.

Loss of control is at the heart of every accident involving flat tires.


If you see a passenger going off the road, it’s often due to a tire problem. Going off the road is dangerous due to the high possibility of hitting buildings, trees or other obstacles. Depending on the terrain, the car can also tip onto its roof.

In all of these cases, the likelihood of serious injury is higher than in other types of accidents.

It’s a situation nobody deserves to experience, so always make sure your tires are up to date with all maintenance.

Dodge the traffic

Another bad consequence of flat tires is when a car swerves into traffic. It is often the result of a loss of control of the car, be it due to low profile, broken suspension or even tire fall.

It is this type of situation that leads to car accidents and other tragedies.

It puts you, your passengers and every other car on the road at risk. Because of this, every driver should take the time to ensure their tires are in top condition. It doesn’t completely eliminate the risk factor, but it does make it less likely that something like this will happen.


A blowout can occur due to improper tire pressure, cracked rubber, or a punctured tire. The main problem with this type of accident is the violent and sudden loss of control.

The vehicle could get into a dangerous situation.

Even if you can maintain control of the car with such an accidental loss of a wheel, getting the car to the curb can also cause problems. Without four functioning tires, the car is significantly more difficult to handle. It could even cause more damage to the car itself and cause it to malfunction.

Tire and axle separation

A tire can become detached from the axle, be it due to insufficient air pressure or a faulty mechanism. Another common problem occurs when the tread separates itself from the rest of the wheel. This causes the car to have difficulty maintaining balance and control.

All of these problems can lead to a dangerous accident, similar to a flat tire.

Never let a flat tire bother you

Car accidents are already a difficult time for everyone involved. It is even more stressful if the accident was caused by a defective tire. It’s never a good feeling to realize that a shocking experience was caused by a part of your car designed to protect you.

That’s why it’s important to get the guidance you need to minimize your stress and suffering. A lawyer can give you this type of advice and more.

Do you need a lawyer who is familiar with defective tires? We can help you find the next best step and get you the results you deserve. Contact us today to get started!

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