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Auto insurance coverage for your vehicle includes additional coverages, one of which is glass coverage. Full glass insurance policies include a claim for damage to your vehicle’s windshield, windows and other glass. It includes both repair and replacement of the glass. Your insurer may also include this coverage in their comprehensive insurance.

Georgia law allows insurance companies to charge deductibles for replacement and repair services. Additionally, several laws in Georgia regulate how insurance companies manage full glass coverage.

What is full glass coverage?

Car insurance offers multiple coverages for your vehicle, depending on the vehicle model and needs. However, there is also a much-needed cover, especially for expensive cars, and that is the glass cover. Full glass coverage is a type of insurance coverage that provides claims for damage to your windshield, window glass, and other vehicle glass. Depending on the company or insurer you choose, it may be part of your comprehensive insurance.

You may already have auto insurance for your car that is not included. You can ask your insurance company to add it to your Collision Damage Waiver, Collision Damage Waiver, or Third Party Liability, depending on which one you have. To get a full glass claim and other glass repair and replacement benefits, one can opt for full coverage.

Important Georgian Glass Insurance Laws?

Car insurance companies in Georgia are not required to offer coverage for windshield repairs or replacements. However, some laws include windshield maintenance and collision damage waiver. According to Georgia state law, drivers must have the specified liability policies in order to drive:

  • Property Damage Insurance – Every driver must have a policy that, by law, covers $25,000 damage per accident.
  • Personal Injury Insurance – the policy that covers $50,000 in hospital bills for each accident and $25,000 in hospital bills for each injured person is also required by every driver.

Apart from that, there are some other important laws that drivers must follow. Under Georgia law, the insurer or insurance company may offer used windshields or those made by aftermarket manufacturers. The insurance company can give you the used or non-original windshield. In such a case, the company must serve a windshield warranty reminder notice.

These laws are designed to prevent glass covers from being offered by insurance companies randomly. Drivers must follow a few rules to get hit coverage. Also, insurance providers should consider the laws of their state when offering this insurance. But one can find options in certain situations where one does not have to comply with these laws. Therefore, they can have this coverage without spending a lot of money on various expensive policies.

Insurance coverage as part of the auto glass repair insurance

Auto glass insurance provides security for your car’s windshield glass and other glasses. One can add the glass cover to their comprehensive policy or take out full auto insurance. If you buy separately, you get the full entitlement at a cheaper price than the add-on.

Sara Routhier, Director of Outreach at AutoInsurance.org, lists some of the key coverage points of this policy:

  • This offers a claim for damage to the windshield.
  • The window panes are also covered underneath.
  • If you already have standard insurance for your vehicle, glass coverage may not be covered under it.
  • However, it can be covered if one has liability and collision insurance.
  • If they take out comprehensive insurance, they can cover the windshield and other glass repairs.
  • The comprehensive insurance also covers the replacement of the glass.
  • In addition, full glass coverage is dependent on state law governing this policy.

When does the deductible on glass insurance no longer apply?

Not all insurance companies waive the deductible for car glass insurance. But there are some who would do without it in certain situations. For example, if someone has a small crack or chip on their windshield and it is replaced, the company can cover that while waiving the excess. Although repairing a windshield can not be expensive. Various mobile window repair stations can be found in parking lots. The cracks or chips can easily be fixed with these stations as long as they are smaller.

Many insurers offer you the option of a deductible waiver in certain other situations. These can be the minor repair needs that can be repaired inexpensively. If you have glass insurance in addition to fully comprehensive insurance, it is possible that no deductible will be waived. But when they buy a full glass coverage plan for their vehicle, this option is offered under many conditions.

How to update your existing insurance policy?

It is not mandatory to have glass insurance to comply with the laws of Georgia. However, if they are concerned about finances and need additional coverage, there is an opportunity to arrange this. First, they can ask their existing insurance provider for a comprehensive policy. This type of policy can help them with repairs and replacements for multiple damages that occur when they are not driving. But it depends on your insurance. For example, if your windshield is a little cracked due to a heavy hit or hit, you can make a claim under this policy.

A comprehensive policy can be expensive as it covers multiple issues, so there is another option you can go for. For example, you can request policies for glass repair and replacement from your insurance company to save money. Another option is to pay auto insurance deductibles to reduce the cost of premium plans.

There are many insurance companies that offer comprehensive insurance for their vehicle. In order to choose the best one for your vehicle, it is important to know its plans. The special laws on glass coverage issued in Georgia play an important role in insurance companies working with this coverage. If you want to buy it for your car, you can add it to your car insurance or comprehensive insurance.

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