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I’m confused as to what a good metric might be based on which we’re doing it out of pocket or filing an insurance claim.

BHPian Warp_10 recently shared with other enthusiasts.

This is my first post and I’ve tried to cover as much information as possible.

I have a situation where my 7 year old Brezza ZDI+ with a zero dep policy (with 1,000 co-pay/deductible) hit the back. The other party didn’t have insurance but agreed to their mistake (there were some construction workers) and I was in a rush to a hospital and decided to let go and take care of it myself (time was of the essence at the time and didn’t want to sit on it). Do I have to (or should I) use my policy for this?

I’m confused as to what a good metric might be based on which we’re doing it out of pocket or filing an insurance claim. The damage was in the area of ​​the rear lights on the passenger side and was therefore not very large. If I take it to a body shop (Trend Automotive as suggested by team-bhp colleagues) it will be in tune with 12-13k. I’m not sure if I should do it with insurance or out of my own pocket. All suggestions help.


  • If you lose the NZB and the premium increases, I pay my deductible.
  • Recorded in vehicle history
  • Decreases auto rating


  • Paid insurance premium gets to work

My NCB is 1500 at 35%. And my deductible is 1000. So the negative values ​​are 2500. That means the benefit of the insurance is 10,000 (12.5,000 – 2500). So will the resale amount be dented by such a large margin upon sale? Then it makes sense to forgo the insurance. If not, I would want it. Are there any other factors to consider?

What is a good measure/metric that people use to decide this (especially if the set is neither too big nor too small)?

I looked up other posts that talk about insurance and expenses. But I don’t see any measure to decide when to go with insurance or out of pocket.

Appreciate all inputs to it.

Here’s what BHPian normal tusk had to say:

Whether you have the car repaired with or without insurance will affect your resale value. There are ways and means for third party buyers (like OLX / Spinny / Cars24) to determine if the car has undergone a repair / body work. So my 2 cents would be to go with the insurance and get the job done at a good body shop as that would at least give you peace of mind until you continue to own the car.

Here’s what BHPian KA01 to KA03 had to say:

In such cases I always prefer to have it repaired in a good garage without insurance, especially if you are considering changing your car after a few years. Even if the difference in resale value weren’t significant, you could save a large amount on insurance by keeping the NZB.

Here’s what BHPian Mustang_Boss had to say:

It should always be:

  • Prefer ASS, damage insurance when the amount is high or when replacing mechanical parts. This gives you a 6 month guarantee [depending on the brand] from the brand for Craftsman Ship & Parts. Even you get decent coverage if you have your suspension modified by ASS.
  • If it’s a cosmetic repair: Most modern cars have an underbody frame and cosmetic panels on top. In the end you have your bumper. As long as you replace the fairings/bumper you will not suffer any damage when reselling it and you are free to choose where to have it repaired.

If it’s the frame, try to have ASS take care of it and get insurance on it.

Peace is more important than price.

Brand assurance is more valuable and rewarding when needed than relying on the local mechanic.

Here’s what BHPian RRM had to say:

I would love to think along with ASC (with or without insurance). It gives you peace of mind with a 6m guarantee. Don’t worry too much on ncb. Regardless of whether you take out insurance or not, it can be determined that a certain part has been painted, since almost all players use relevant tools when evaluating the car, measuring the thickness of the paint, etc.

A good evaluator can easily identify the areas of doubt by running their hand over the areas. I saw it when my friend’s car was being evaluated and he was able to identify 60-70% of the repainted areas without using tools as the first option.

They have zero dep insurance. Use it

Here’s what BHPian Shancz had to say:

In its seventh year, this is probably the last year you’ve received a zero dep policy, and I’m assuming not from the big boys. I had to make a claim in year 6 and switched to fully comprehensive although some smaller companies offered zero FEP at most until year 7.

In view of this, you are entitled to Zero Dep since you would have paid at least two thousand additional premiums per year. time to get it back

NCB would only matter if you buy something new/high IDV and use that NCB. I’ve never used this option, but other members have
Renewing this policy next year as comprehensive would be cheaper by around two thousand.

Note that I will normally make a claim unless the damage is very minor in terms of cost/nature as the aim of insurance is to take care of such costs when they arise rather than the NCB to worry, in my opinion.
Aside from that, thanks to enlightening posts from other members, I’ve added a tab that checks the NCB hit if an upgrade is on the radar.

Read the BHPian comments for more insight and information.

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