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In order to cancel the insurance, you have to return license plates. In addition, when people sell their car or cancel their car insurance policy, the time to surrender the license plate is significant. However, if you drive the car without insurance, there is a minimum fine of $5,000, but fines vary from state to state and you must go to jail for a minimum of 6 months.

When people can’t insure their vehicle, removing the license plate is a good decision. Many states have a rule that drivers must surrender a license plate if they sell their vehicles. Additionally, people must contact their state’s DMV or Department of Motor Vehicles to confirm whether or not a license plate is required before removing the insurance policy.

Why is it necessary to surrender the number plate to cancel the insurance?

Returning a license plate is essential to cancel the insurance policy. In order to cancel car insurance, the first thing to do is to present the license plate surrender certificate, which ensures entitlement to surrender the license plate.

Most of the people don’t know how to turn in the license plate, so there are a few steps that should be followed, including:

  • To get the receipt, visit the tax collector or DMV office to return the license plate
  • To complete the entire cancellation process, submit the receipt from the insurance provider.

Recent data from the Insurance Information Institute shows that around 13% of drivers are uninsured, and states want to reduce the number of uninsured drivers, so they need this process. However, states do not want people to cancel their vehicle insurance, but it is mandatory to return license plates.

Can drivers temporarily return their number plates?

Most people may be confused that temporarily surrendering license plates is acceptable. The answer is yes; There are several states that allow people to temporarily return their license plates. As an example you can understand that you are banned from driving for a certain period of time, so in this situation you may have to return the number plates until you decide to drive again.

If a person’s license has been suspended for dui or irresponsible driving, they may have to surrender their number plates. In such cases, the law requires those license plates to be returned for a specified number of days or months.

What to do if the disk is lost?

Suppose before you hand in the plate it has been stolen, destroyed or lost. So what is the way to eliminate this situation? In this situation, the first step is to make a report to the police and submit it as evidence to the tax collector or DMV office.

Also, people don’t have to pay a hefty sum of money in the form of a fee if they just need a new license plate.

Sara Routhier, Director of Outreach at 4AutoInsuranceQuote.com suggests people should follow a few steps to get the new license plate:

  • Vehicle registration
  • driving licence
  • Police complaint or old driver’s license
  • proof of insurance

Individuals can file a complaint about the missing license plate if they do not wish to receive a new one.

Can you cancel the policy before returning a license plate?

Most of you might be curious what happens if you don’t return the previous record. The answer is that many states may not revoke their license if they don’t return the license plate to them. The reason is that it is the first requirement of many states that one can remove the insurance policy after the license plate has been turned in.

Why do insurance providers transmit the data to the DMV?

Insurance providers are required to submit the insurance coverage information virtually to the country’s DMV. Suppose a person discontinues the insurance policy so the Treasury is notified by the auto insurance company.

Insurance providers are generally given just under 30 days to submit all insurance data from the beginning and end of insurance cover. The tax collector creates a data sheet to enter this insurance data. Next to the detail database add things like:

  • insurance states
  • The registration number of the vehicle registration document

However, some states have laws that require individuals to obtain liability insurance if individuals fail to obtain coverage immediately or cancel the insurance policy, resulting in cancellation of registration as well.

Is car insurance different from car insurance?

When people register their vehicle with the DMV, they receive the vehicle’s number plate. In simple terms, the license plate is linked to the vehicle registration but not linked to the car insurance policy.

However, car insurance and car insurance have a certain connection. Therefore, it is necessary for the insurance provider to contact the DMV to discuss the status of the insurance policy.

Different states have different penalties for drivers who don’t have auto insurance, so if you have a registered vehicle, you must have auto insurance.

Is there a low point in cancellation fees?

Different states have different laws regarding cancellation insurance coverage, and some states’ DMV charge certain fees for this. The fee ranges from $25 to $50 depending on the state you live in.

For example, if someone cancels the old car insurance and doesn’t get the new one within 10 days, the DMV can impose a penalty and have to pay the amount.

In addition, the DMV has the power to suspend their car registration if they don’t submit the amount within a month. However, some states impose a cancellation penalty every day for not having insurance coverage.


Most states require people to have minimum vehicle insurance regardless of whether the vehicle is new or old. Individuals must return their number plates to the DMV in order to cancel the insurance policy. It’s far better to have auto liability insurance than not being uninsured.

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