First drive with the solar-powered electric hatchback from Sono Motors: Here comes the Sion – Autoblog | CarTailz

Like flying cars or full autonomy, solar-powered electric vehicles are cool to read (and write) but never seem quite ready for the mainstream and masses. Aptera has been teasing its sun-powered, three-wheeled electric vehicle for more than a decade, and after rising like a phoenix from bankruptcy, it recently announced it will start production next … Read more

New jobs for robots – Porsche Newsroom | CarTailz

Robots weld, solder, paint, transport and work hand in hand with people in many ways. Industry and the service sector would be unimaginable without them. A look at the figures shows the importance of these technical assistants, especially in industry. According to the International Federation of Robotics (IFR), around one million robots were in use … Read more

Tips from a Tax Professional to Reduce Auto Insurance Costs for Agents – RealTrends | CarTailz

A reliable vehicle is essential for real estate agents to provide quality service. Whether you own or lease your vehicle, almost every state requires you to have auto insurance. If you are traveling for business, you may also need commercial car insurance. While the costs of these policies can add up, there are ways for … Read more

Ford is building its first new plant in 53 years. Not everyone is happy – The Seattle Times | CarTailz

Dinner hype reigns at Suga’s Diner in Stanton, Tennessee, the only restaurant in this town of 452 souls. Business is booming thanks to Ford’s massive electric pickup factory being built just around the corner. Lesa “Suga” Tard, owner and chef, is desperate for additional staff after extending her hours, adding an operating day and sending … Read more

Bike repair stations pop up in suburbs – Daily Herald | CarTailz

With more and more electric vehicles purring onto the streets, charging stations are key to widespread acceptance among skeptical motorists. Surprisingly, cyclists are already blessed with free “charging stations” scattered throughout the Chicago area. Various suburbs and popular trails have bike repair stations that provide essential tools to adjust seats, align sloppy derailleurs, and fix … Read more

Electric vehicle production in UK up a fifth in October – | CarTailz

UK production of electric vehicles (EVs) continues to rise, with volumes up by more than a fifth as domestic car production started to grow again in October, according to the latest industry figures released today. Automakers produced more than 24,000 electric vehicles — including battery electric, hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles — last month, up … Read more

Why is car insurance more expensive in Ohio? – Akron Beacon Journal | CarTailz

A Beacon Journal colleague recently lamented that his six-month auto insurance premium went up 17% despite having no claims, speeding tickets or other changes in his family’s driving habits. His insurance agent said auto insurance rates were going up nationwide. So I contacted both Dean Fadel, president of the Ohio Insurance Institute, the state’s property … Read more