Kroger and the Albertsons set out to build a food empire. The last supermarket mega-merger backfired – CNN | CarTailz

new York CNN business — When Christine Martinez found out last month that the Kroger and Albertsons were planning a nearly $25 billion merger, she thought, “Here we go again.” Martinez lost her job as a pharmacy technician following a previous supermarket mega-merger: Albertsons’ $9 billion merger with Safeway in 2014. That deal has since … Read more

More and more scams are targeting the elderly in Athens – Red and Black | CarTailz

After being targeted by a money laundering scheme via a private chat on Facebook, 71-year-old Edith Lomax was afraid to go online and go public alone. The scam began about two years ago when a man claiming to be from California struck up a conversation with Lomax, who was grieving the recent loss of her … Read more

Musk’s Twitter may already have violated his latest FTC consent order, legal experts say – CNN | CarTailz

CNN — Just two weeks after Elon Musk owned Twitter, the company may already have breached its consent agreement with the Federal Trade Commission, legal experts have said. Ultimately, if proven, a breach could expose Musk to significant personal liability and escalate the risks he faces as he stumbles through a quagmire of headaches moderating … Read more

A day of chaos brings Twitter closer to the abyss – CNN | CarTailz

Washington CNN business — Two weeks after Elon Musk completed his acquisition of Twitter, the company’s future has never looked less secure. In the past week alone, one of the world’s most influential social networks has laid off half of its workforce; alienated powerful advertisers; blew up key aspects of its product and then repeatedly … Read more