Credit card applications surge as Americans turn to plastic to boost spending amid rising inflation – The Epoch Times | CarTailz

Credit card applications are on the rise as more Americans grapple with rising inflation and less cash ahead of the holidays. Households are spending more on basic necessities like food, gas and housing, according to a survey by the New York Federal Reserve released Nov. 21. Credit card interest rates have also hit record highs … Read more

How to stretch your dollar when there’s high inflation – The Epoch Times | CarTailz

High inflation rates have hit just about everything this summer – and it doesn’t look like they’re going down any time soon. Most people’s income has not kept up with this, and it has become necessary for many people to try to keep growing their dollar. CNBC reports that 63 percent of Americans are living … Read more

EV makers suffer losses due to sky-high manufacturing costs – The Epoch Times | CarTailz

Electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers are burning their money as they face sky-high running costs due to inflation around the world. EV automakers are failing to meet their delivery targets and suffering financial losses due to higher prices, according to quarterly reports released over the past two weeks, Reuters reported. Meanwhile, the rising cost of living … Read more

Luxury for Less – The Epoch Times | CarTailz

If you are considering a certified pre-owned vehicle, you can get a last generation Lexus at a new Toyota price When you pull up into an office parking garage or a restaurant parking lot in a shiny Porsche sports car, Mercedes sedan, or Cadillac Escalade SUV, chances are many observers will snort a little reproachfully … Read more

Could auto loans be the source of the next crash? – The epoch times | CarTailz

An auto industry insider believes car loans could be a ticking time bomb, much like subprime mortgages were in the 2008-09 financial crisis Message Analysis During the COVID flash recession, annual vehicle sales bottomed out in April 2020 at 8.9 million – only to bounce back to 18.7 million by April 2021, the fastest annual … Read more

Tibetan businessman condemns Chinese regime for long lockdowns – The Epoch Times | CarTailz

A business owner in Tibet who contracted COVID-19 in September condemned the Chinese regime’s draconian zero-COVID policy as the “biggest obstacle to people’s livelihood” and called for lockdown measures to be eased. Xiao Qiang (pseudonym) is a resident of Lhasa, the seat of China’s western Tibet region. He owns a motorcycling club in the city … Read more

How might Gen Z weather their first recession? – The epoch times | CarTailz

Message Analysis A Canadian recession in 2023, some are predicting, would be the first non-pandemic for Gen Z, a recession that could result in defaults on unsecured debt but more maturity for their adult futures. Generation Z is the generation born between 1997 and 2012, whose members are now aged between 10 and 25, and … Read more

French automaker unveils cardboard car that’s cheaper and addresses ‘resource insecurity’ – The Epoch Times | CarTailz

A classic European automaker has replaced metal parts with cardboard composites in one of its latest designs in the name of “resource insecurity”. French company Citroën, a division of auto giant Stellantis, announced the launch of its new concept car, dubbed “Oli”, in anticipation of global resource shortages. The eco-friendly electric car design was developed … Read more

The Ever-Increasing Cost of Driving Limits Personal Mobility: Report – The Epoch Times | CarTailz

Vehicle ownership and personal mobility have become an expensive proposition in 2022. The median price for a new car in the United States is now around $48,300, the highest on record. The rise in car prices combined with large increases in fuel, insurance and maintenance costs over the past year has drastically increased the overall … Read more

Lithium Prices Soar to Record High, Driving Expensive Electric Vehicle Costs Even Higher – The Epoch Times | CarTailz

The price of lithium carbonate, the key material used to make electric car batteries, has continued to skyrocket, tripling in the past year. The valuable mineral is mainly processed in communist China, which has a monopoly on the battery market. Lithium carbonate prices in China hit $71,315 per ton on September 16, according to data … Read more